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  • Democrats advance plans to increase state minimum wage and provide sick and safe leave for workers

    Legislation to help workers is in contrast to Senate Republicans’ bills to strip away workers rights.

    OLYMPIA - With the 2015 Legislative Session’s policy cutoff here, a clear difference in priorities has emerged between Democrats and Republicans in Olympia.

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  • State Senate Republicans: Lowering the minimum wage

    People everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. Instead of helping, Republicans in the State Senate are trying to chip away at Washington’s minimum wage laws.

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  • Senate Republicans skip work again despite proposed pay increase

    OLYMPIA – The consensus is that Legislators in Olympia have a big job in front of them in the 2015 legislative session. 

    With the state Economic and Revenue Forecast Committee projecting a $4.5 billion revenue shortfall to meet court mandated funding to our schools and other needed services you would think that legislators would have plenty to do. Yet, for the third time this session Senate Republicans have decided to take a 3-day weekend and ignore the needs of the state.

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  • Republican Top 5 "Deflated" ideas

    Almost a month of has passed of the 2015 legislative session, and Republicans are once again showing that their ideas are not in tune with the priorities of Washington residents.

    In honor of Super Bowl XLIX and the Seahawks’ opponents' “Deflategate” scandal, we would like to call a penalty on these Top 5 “Deflated” ideas from the Republicans in Olympia.

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  • It's time to act on climate change

    Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime.

    Climate change doesn’t only impact the future of our state. It’s a threat to our state right now. We’ve seen increasing asthma rates, rising acidity in our waters, more and more wildfires… all related to carbon pollution.

    Our children have a right to a healthy Washington and a secure future. We have a moral obligation to act on climate before our state is changed forever.

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