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  • State Budget Reflects Democratic, Inslee Priorities

    Budget Makes Key Investments in Democratic Priorities -- K-12 Education, Early Learning, Health Care and Middle Class, Paid For By Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes

    Nearly Every Inslee Priority Laid Out in April Included in Final Budget

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  • Washington Democrats Call on Washington State Republican Party to Pull Down Blatantly False TV Ad

    Ad By Washington GOP Blames Jay Inslee for Non-Existent Government Shutdown

    Seattle – Today, after Governor Jay Inslee and legislative leaders from both parties announced a deal has been struck on the budget and that there would be no government shutdown, the Washington State Democratic Party called on the Washington State Republican Party to pull down their blatantly false television ad.

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  • AD WATCH: While Inslee Seeks Solutions, GOP Plays Politics

    New TV Ad By Washington GOP Raises Questions as to Whether GOP Wants Government To Shut Down

    Seattle – The Washington State Democratic Party released the following statement from Chair Jaxon Ravens after the Washington State Republican party released a TV ad that injects political poison in the budget process days before a potential government shutdown.

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  • ACTION NEEDED re: state government shutdown

    We’re one week from a state government shutdown.

    If Senator Andy Hill and the State Senate GOP don’t come to the table and work with Democrats to strike a deal on our budget, then 25,000 workers — about half of the state’s workers — will be sent pink slips. Important services like state parks and supervision of former inmates will be shuttered.

    Contact lead Republican budget negotiators Andy Hill, Steve Litzow, and Joe Fain, and tell them: IT’S TIME TO COMPROMISE.

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  • Countdown to Shutdown: Republican March Toward Shutdown Would Hurt Schools and Kids

    Republican’s Failure to Compromise Would Put Local School Districts, Early Learning Programs, and Childcare for Thousands at Risk

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