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  • Voting plan

    Ballots are out! There's a lot at stake for this election, and success this year will hinge on how many people turn out to vote.

    We’re hoping that you, our strongest supporters, will turn out for Democrats.

    You wouldn’t be visiting this website if you weren’t someone who cares about making the right choices in the election. We want to help.

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  • WA Democrats announce endorsements on initiatives

    The Washington State Democrats announce the following endorsements for initiatives on the November 4th ballot:

    • Yes on Initiative 594 (approved at the State Central Committee meeting on September 21, 2013)
    • No on Initiative 591 (approved at the State Convention on June 21, 2014)
    • Yes on Initiative 1351 (approved at the State Convention on June 21, 2014)


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  • Republicans dodge women’s health questions

    After earlier dodging questions about Hobby Lobby and access to birth control, GOP State Senator Steve O’Ban’s campaign continued his doublespeak on women’s health. In an interview earlier this month, O’Ban stated that efforts to protect women’s access to contraception were “not an issue for the voters of the 28th district.”

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  • Add your name: Support State Senate legislation to override Hobby Lobby

    State Senate Democrats presented a plan to override Hobby Lobby and ensure Washington women have access to contraception.

    Three months ago, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision gave a woman’s health care decisions to her boss. Then, Senate Republicans in Washington, D.C., filibustered Patty Murray’s legislation to override the decision. 

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  • State Senators propose fix to Hobby Lobby birth control restriction

    At a community center two blocks from a Hobby Lobby store slated to open this week, several state Senators unveiled a proposed legislative solution to the limits of birth control choices allowed under last summer’s US Supreme Court decision, (Burwell…et al v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc, June 30, 2014).

    Senators Karen Keiser (D-33), Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-36), David Frockt (D-46), and Kevin Ranker (D-40) along with Sen. Jamie Pedersen (D-43) have worked on a legislative proposal that finds:       

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