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  • Medicare Anniversary: Pedro Celis Bankrolled by Paul Ryan

    On the 49th Anniversary of Medicare, Washington State voters should beware – Republican congressional candidates Pedro Celis is in line with Washington Republicans dangerous plans for ending the Medicare guarantee and forcing them to pay more. Celis has accepted thousands of dollars from Congressman Paul Ryan – the architect of the reckless Budget that raises taxes on Washington State middle class families and leaves seniors to wither on the vine.

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  • Vote in the Primary Election by August 5th

    It’s time for the 2014 Primary Election! Click the link below to find endorsements.

    Primary ballots will be in the mail by Friday, July 18th, leading up to Primary Election Day on August 5th! 

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  • Add your name: Overturning Hobby Lobby

    “This fight is far from over.”

    That’s what Patty Murray said after Senate Republicans filibustered her anti-Hobby Lobby bill, the Not My Boss’s Business Act.

    This is going to be tough. Republicans are determined to block this bill. They won’t allow an up-or-down vote, even though a majority of Senators support it.

    But we’re equally determined. We aren’t giving up. We’ll keep fighting for a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

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  • Patty Murray stands up for women's health

    When the Supreme Court made their ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, allowing private employers to interfere in a woman’s health care choices, Chief Justice Roberts suggested that Congress could draft legislation to override the decision.

    Senator Patty Murray has done just that. With growing opposition to the ruling, Senator Patty Murray and Colorado Senator Mark Udall have sponsored the Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act. 

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  • #FlipADistrict

    The HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher wants to help flip seats in Congress currently held by Republicans in "safe" districts, or districts not considered competitive by traditional media. That's why they've created their Flip a District contest. The "winner" of this contest will be featured on Real Time this fall, and Bill and his buddies will do everything they can to flip that district.

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