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  • Democratic Week In Review - 4/22/17

    The Washington State Democratic Central Committee is in Walla Walla this weekend for our April meeting. We’re excited to be participating in a virtual “March for Science” and talking about Earth Day and the importance of protecting our environment against climate change.

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  • Democratic Week In Review - 4/15/17

    Fellow Democrats – here’s the big news in Washington politics this week:

    A New Republican In LD 45

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  • Jinyoung Lee Englund – A Career of the Republican Party Line

    Englund has spent her entire career as a Washington D.C. lobbyist and partisan operative for the Republican Party – a record wildly out of touch with the values and concerns of 45th LD voters

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  • 4-8-17 Democratic Week In Review

    Fellow Democrats – it’s been a huge week in politics, but here are updates on some of the big new items we’re tracking. 


    Trump Strikes Syria

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  • When will Dino Rossi face his constituents in person? History suggests never

    After authoring extreme budget, Rossi continues GOP trend of ducking voters

    After taking responsibility for a budget that raises college tuition, cuts preschool and early learning, and creates the biggest property tax increase in state history, Sen. Dino Rossi is refusing to hold an in-person town hall meeting to face his constituents and hear their feedback. By contrast, both of his Democratic seatmates, Rep. Larry Springer and Rep. Roger Goodman, have held in-person town hall meetings.

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