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  • Jaxon Ravens, Chair

    Jaxon Ravens grew up in Missoula, MT. He has a bachelors degree in politics and economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz and an MBA from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management. He was the Executive Director of the King County Democrats for a couple of years at the turn of the century and has been working for the Washington State Democrats since 2004. He served as President of the Washington State Young Democrats from 2000 to 2001 and as President of the National Association of State Democratic Executive Directors from 2009 to 2013.

    In each of these roles, Ravens has lead and worked with Democrats across the state, national party organizations, local party organizations, various constituency groups, allies, candidates, and elected officials, to help elect Democrats and build the Democratic community in order to promote the values expressed in the State Democratic Party Charter and Platform.

    He spent the 1990s traveling overseas and in 2003 biked solo across the US following the Lewis and Clark Trail. Jaxon is actively involved in several local non-profit organizations including the School for Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA), where he serves as Board President, Seattle Works and the Red Cross. In 2011 he was presented with a Washington State Volunteer Service Award from the Governor. He also serves as a member of the Washington State Arts Commission.

  • Karen Deal, Executive Director

    Karen Deal was born in Wilmington, Delaware, and started calling Seattle her home in 1997. Her first political campaign was an unsuccessful fast food boycott organizing attempt with her fellow fourth graders. While she didn't convince the other kids to forgo their fries, she learned the valuable lessons of compelling messaging, running a viable campaign, and working in a team.

    Deal has worked on campaigns on both coasts, and internationally, since 1996. She has run field and political campaigns for democratic allies like the League of Conservation Voters, Washington Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, UFCW Local 21, and the AFL-CIO. She is thrilled to call the Democratic Party her team.

    Deal is a fan of traveling, reading, early mornings, art, baking, and sarcasm.

  • Greg Haffner, Party Affairs Manager

    Greg Haffner was born in Renton, raised in Hobart, and went to school at the University of Washington. He has been active in Democratic politics since he attended his first precinct caucus in 2004 as an underage observer. Greg started with the Washington State Democrats as a Development Intern in 2007, and currently serves as Party Affairs Manager. In that role, he directs caucuses, conventions, local party activity, and the Party’s platform and resolutions process.

    Greg is also an active member of the 37th District Democrats (after time with the 5th and the 43rd) and the Young Democrats of Washington. He was recently elected YDWA Campaign Director.

  • Heather Hess, Finance Director

    Heather Hess grew up in Missoula, MT. She spent her college years in San Francisco and moved to Seattle in 1994. She has worked as a bookkeeper/office manager for a few small local businesses in the Seattle area. She started working for the Washington State Democrats in 2011. She enjoys writing fiction, live music, hockey (Go B's!), politics and photography.

  • MacKenzie Fuentes, Events Manager

    MacKenzie grew up in Boise, ID. She has a bachelors degree in comparative sociology with a minor in gender studies from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. MacKenzie discovered her interest in politics through her involvement in her university's chapter of Voices for Planned Parenthood and several years of volunteer work for Planned Parenthood Votes! Northwest. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she moved to Seattle to look for opportunities with local political non-profits. MacKenzie first worked for the Washington State Democrats as the 2012 State Convention Coordinator. She also attended the 2012 National Democratic Convention as a Page. Most recently, she started as the Events Manager in 2013. MacKenzie enjoys spending time playing with her pet cat, Mochi, and her pet hedgehog, Skookum.

  • Misty Shock Rule, Digital Media Director

    Misty Shock Rule has worked as the Digital Media Director at the Washington State Democrats since 2005, where she is proud to have built their digital media program from the ground up – to include website, mass email, social media, and video. At the Democrats, Misty uses digital media to raise money, promote Democratic candidates, engage supporters, and recruit volunteers. Misty grew up in Port Orchard before attending the University of Washington. After graduating, she worked at Microsoft as a Technical Editor before becoming a full-time volunteer - and later a staff member - at the Washington State Democrats. Misty likes traveling, reading, laughing, and watching reality competition shows. She is thrilled to be the mom to daughter Penny.

  • Patrick Mead, Technology Director

    Patrick Mead has had interest in politics from a young age, but had not considered politics as a career until he served as president of the Washington State University Young Democrats during the 2004 election. Since graduating from WSU he has tried his hand at many different sides of political work and worked on many projects with the Washington State Democratic Party. As the Grassroots Mobilization Manager he currently works with the website, the data program, and the rest of the office's IT needs.