Dwight Pelz Statement on Tom/Sheldon Proposal

Today, Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz issued the following statement regarding the proposal of Senators Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon made today:

“In 2010, Senators Tom and Sheldon stood for re-election as Democrats. In the case of Senator Tom, he even accepted over $25,000 in contributions from the State Democratic Party. But today, Senators Tom and Sheldon turned their backs on the Democratic Party by siding with a radically right Republican caucus that earlier this year attempted to slash critically important funding for education and social services for the elderly and the vulnerable.”

“To imply that the current Democratic caucus is unwilling to work across party lines to move our state forward is absurd. Just two years ago, Democratic Senator Ed Murray and Republican Senator Joe Zarelli worked together to build a bipartisan budget – an unprecedented show of unity in Olympia.”

"The truth here is that Sen. Tom has instigated this unprecedented coup and joined with Republicans to install himself as Majority Leader out of a desire to further his own personal ambitions, not out of what is in the best interests of his constituents or the public at large. What he announced today is a prescription for instability and division."