McKenna to Vote NO on Marriage Equality

McKenna Pledges Vote to "Uphold the Current Definition of Marriage"

Tonight, Rob McKenna reaffirmed his discriminatory values by declaring for the first time to Q-13's C.R. Douglas that he would vote against marriage equality if the issue ends up on the ballot.

McKenna said,"I will vote to uphold the current law and the current definition of marriage."

McKenna has attempted to deflect criticism of his opposition to marriage equality by saying that it is an issue that should go before voters - and now we know how he will vote. While this news is not a surprise considering McKenna's long record of discrimination, including equating marriage equality to polygamy and incest, it leaves no question of where he stands.

In contrast, this week Jay Inslee reaffirmed his full commitment to equal rights in an op-ed appearing the Huffington Post. As Jay puts it, "We are fighting for our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, our co-workers, and our children. We are fighting for people we love, who deserve every opportunity to build families and relationships openly, without fear and without reproach."

To see the, interview, click here. [Approximate time stamp on marriage remarks, 3:30]