No Word From Rossi If He Supports Teachers, Firefighters And Cops

Senate Advanced Murray’s Bipartisan, Deficit-Reducing Measure That Will Save over 6400 Jobs. Which Way Would Rossi Have Voted?

Today, the Senate passed a key procedural hurdle on a bipartisan, deficit-reducing measure that extends increased Medicaid funding to the states and provides critical funding for schools to ensure that almost 3,000 Washington state teachers are not laid off just weeks before children head back to school. The measure also provides critical FMAP funding that governors have been counting on, to ensure that we don’t have to lay off cops and firefighters across the country. In total, over 6,400 Washington teacher, police officer and firefighter jobs will be saved.

In June, handpicked candidate of the Republican establishment Dino Rossi said he wouldn’t support the amendment as it was not paid for at that time. However, the legislation that is set for final passage reduces the deficit by $1.4 trillion over ten years and is paid for by closing foreign tax loopholes, but Rossi has been silent on whether he would support the new, fully paid for bill that reduces the deficit.

“We saw it with Wall Street reform, we still don’t have an answer on the DISCLOSE Act, and now Dino Rossi is staying silent about an amendment that is fully paid for and will keep cops on the beat and teachers in the classroom. Dino should tell Washington teachers, cops and firefighters if he would have voted to support them. If Dino continues to stay silent, we can only assume he would put politics over people, our safety and our children,” said Sadie Weiner, Deputy Communications Director for the Washington State Democrats.