Statement on L&I Workers' Comp Announcement

Washington State Democrats Chair Dwight Pelz released the following statement today, after the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries proposed no increase in the workers' comp rate for 2013:

"Today is an important day for our small businesses and our workers. Thanks to the work of our governor and our legislature, the reforms enacted in our workers' comp program are saving money for the state and businesses, while making sure we get injured workers back on the job as quickly, and as healthy, as possible.

"Though our state still must continue the work of getting our unemployed back on the job, today's decision by L&I will help our small businesses continue to invest in their growth and their workers. It also shows just how out of touch Rob McKenna is with our state. Despite the overwhelming rejection of I-1082 two years ago, McKenna continues to trumpet privatizing our workers' comp system, which would shift hundreds of millions in costs onto small business, just so McKenna can help his friends in the private insurance industry increase their profits.

"This is just one example of McKenna ignoring the will of the voters, and his plan to privatize workers' comp would leave workers at the mercy of private, for-profit insurance companies. As attorney general, he is supposed to stand up for workers against companies that would cheat Washington workers, as private insurers like AIG have done across the country. As governor, he wants to open up our state to them."

Watch "Fraud," a web video highlighting McKenna's plan to privatize workers' comp.