The Ties That Bind: Dino And The Flat Tax/Fair Tax

Yesterday, the Washington State Democrats examined Dino Rossi’s connection to FreedomWorks, a founding partner of the Contract from America that Rossi signed earlier this year. Today, we’ll look at another founding partner, the National Taxpayers Union (NTU).

The National Taxpayers Union might sound familiar because of the independent expenditure they ran in support of tax loopholes and subsidies for big oil and gas companies. Not surprisingly, the NTU also explicitly supports a flat income tax or a fair national sales tax that are called for in the Contract from America that Rossi signed.

“Dino Rossi signed onto the Contract from America and was then rewarded by one of the Contract’s founding partners with an ad campaign against Patty Murray,” said Sadie Weiner, Communications Director for the Washington State Democrats. “The ad defends big oil companies who receive tax breaks and subsidies and get more profitable while hardworking families are just trying to get by. To add a drastic and regressive tax scheme on top of that would put a serious strain on the backs of Washington state’s families.”