We are Democrats, the party of the people. We believe in the values of community, dignity, equality, opportunity, fairness, tolerance, respect, and the common good of the world we share. These values provide the basis for our ideals, supported by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Our actions define our society. To fulfill the potential of our values and ideals, we encourage every citizen to participate in civic activities. We invite all to join with us and work to have our elected leaders implement legislation that ensures liberty and justice for all.

It is the sovereign right of the people and necessary to their well-being to enact laws that protect their health, safety, and welfare.

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Domestic production of food is critical to national security and essential to our future. We are proud that agriculture - including aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, and other food and fiber production - is a leading industry in Washington State. We recognize the role of farmers as stewards of the land, and we support programs and policies that ensure the availability of high-quality food, strengthen rural communities, preserve family farms and maintain the productivity of the land. This requires legislation that sustains farming when calamities occur and that ensures that farmers and farm workers earn a fair return on their efforts, are safe in doing that work, and produce food that is safe to eat.

The inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all human beings are the foundations of freedom, justice and peace in the world.  The strength of our democracy rests on the rights and responsibilities set forth in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Democrats must continue their traditional leadership in championing the civil rights of all.

We believe that corporations are important to our economy and standard of living. Corporations, as artificial entities, are not entitled to the Constitutional rights of people.

The federal government has a responsibility to stabilize the business cycle through fiscal and monetary policy. Economic justice for all is essential to the existence of a democratic society. We believe that economic development, including infrastructure, is vital to continued growth and quality of life.

We believe that an excellent, quality public education, preschool through post-secondary, with equal access for all, is fundamental to maintaining a healthy democracy. “It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provisions for the education of all children.” The Washington State Constitution

We must strive to be responsible stewards of the environment, our communities, and our planet. All people, including future generations, have the right to clean air, water, and a healthy natural environment.

The United States should lead by example as a beacon of freedom and democracy, working within the world community in a spirit of peace, cooperation, and generosity, using democratic ideals with diplomacy and mutual respect, not force.

Our government derives its legitimacy solely from, and is answerable to, the people. We are committed to a representative democracy that encourages maximum active participation, a voting process that is legitimate, fair, transparent, and open to all citizens, and a principle that requires responsibility from voters and accountability from those they elect.

Health care is a basic human right. Our government should assure, and guarantee by law, accessible and affordable health care for all.
We believe in establishing an ethically-based, not-for-profit health care system, serving patients and public health needs focusing on optimal patient outcomes at a cost we can afford.

As a caring community, we must provide a safety net of social services that meets the basic needs of people, especially those on the margins of society, so they can attain their full potential.

Immigrants strengthen America. All immigrants should be afforded full human rights and a fair, safe, and timely path to legal status.

A strong economy is based upon jobs that provide safe working conditions, a fair and living wage, and health and retirement benefits. The benefits are obtained and ensured by workers’ rights to organize unions for collective bargaining.

The rule of law is a prerequisite for a democratic civil society. A responsible government provides safety, security and justice for all, with fairness and respect for the individual.

An informed citizenry and persistently inquisitive media are essential for democracy to flourish. The free flow of information is fundamental to democracy. The public owns the broadcast frequencies and the Internet, which should be managed to serve the public interest. Internet neutrality is fundamental to preserving the value of the Internet for the public.

We support our troops and honor our veterans, and we will continue to press for the resources necessary to ensure that they receive all this nation has promised—and owes—them.

We believe that an efficient, well-planned, multimodal transportation system promotes a healthy economy, environment and community.

Local, state, and federal governments must respect Native American nations on a sovereign government-to-government basis and must respect the decisions of Native American Nations, affirm their rights derived from treaties and state compacts, and oppose attempts to diminish their sovereignty and cultures.