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At the core of the 2012 elections is the Republican Party of today; a hard-line, right wing, no-holds barred Party that will stop at nothing to defeat President Obama and control both houses of Congress.

This year we face a significant threat to the core values that define the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

Our State is now considered a “toss up” state - an attractive target for the Republican right wing.

This year our state will have the Presidential race, the Governor’s mansion, Senator Maria Cantwell, and a new (open) Congressional District all on the same ballot.

Senator Cantwell’s re-election is critical to preserve the Senate firewall that is now protecting ourSocial Security, Medicare, and Medicaid systems from the Republican budget-cutting axe!

It is vital that Jay Inslee, our Democratic candidate for Governor, defeat Republican Rob McKenna. McKenna is a very conservative Republican politician, the darling of our state’s GOP right wing. He has consistently opposed worker’s rights to organize, and he filed suit to block our new national health care act.

What we'll do in 2012

During this election year our State Party will focus on its highest priorities:

  • * Hold Washington State “Blue” for President Obama.
  • * Re-elect Senator Maria Cantwell – to preserve the Senate majority.
  • * Elect a new Governor and State Attorney General – Jay Inslee (Governor) and Bob Ferguson(Attorney General).
  • * Target our new 10th Congressional District awarded to our state as a result of redistricting.
  • * Retain the 1st Congressional District seat – a seat left open because Congressman Inslee is running for Governor.
  • * Conduct a grassroots campaign to re-elect Jim McDermott, Norm Dicks, Adam Smith, and Rick Larsen, while preserving the Democratic Party majorities in our state house and Senate.
  • * Launch an expansive grassroots turnout program. Plans have been made to open 20 community coordinating offices across the state. Resources are needed to support those offices and hire at least 100 community based field organizers.

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