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Week in Review: We. Are. Democrats.

We.  Are.  Democrats.
The Washington State Democrats have spent a lot of energy resisting the Trump agenda. And as long as Donald Trump threatens the well-being of you and your loved ones, we will continue to resist with everything we have.
But resistance alone will not be enough to defeat Trumpian Republicans and retake our government. To do that, we need to champion our core values and show people that Democrats’ priorities are America’s priorities.
This week, the Washington State Democrats launched the We Are Democrats campaign with the release of the following video explaining what being a Democrat means to us.
Throughout 2018, we will be sharing stories from Democrats in Washington State, real people from all over the state who can speak about how Democratic values have impacted their lives.
If you’d like to share what being a Democrat means to you, submit your story here.
Protecting DREAMers
The fight to protect DREAMers is not over.
While Republicans predictably blamed Democrats for the shutdown last weekend, the simple fact is this: Never in the history of our country has one party controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress and still failed to do their basic job of keeping the government open -- until last weekend.
Democrats managed to save the Children’s Health Insurance Program and secure health care funding for 9 million American children after Republicans held CHIP hostage.
Now Republicans are holding DREAMers hostage, saying that they will only agree to enact protections for these young immigrants -- many of whom have known no home other the United States -- if Democrats agree to absurdly hardline, anti-immigrant policies.
Republicans have had months to join Democrats at the table to devise a legislative solution that protects DREAMers. Instead, they decided to pass a massive tax cut for corporations and their billionaire donors.
The American people have had enough. Nearly 90% of Americans support legal protections for DREAMers. It’s time for Republicans to quit playing games with the lives of 800,000 young people and pass a clean DREAM Act. Now.
Organizing Academies
Last Sunday 101 volunteers attended our Flip the 5th Organizing Academy in Pullman and are now preparing to support Democrats running in Eastern Washington and elect Lisa Brown to Congress!
Click here to find an upcoming Organizing Academy near you.
Last Chance for 2018 Crab Feed Early Bird Tickets
Our 2018 Crab Feed is less than a month away! And this is your last chance to purchase Early Bird tickets at $65 each!
We hope you can join us and some of our fantastic Democratic elected officials for a locally sourced seafood buffet and discussion about how to win in 2018. We’ll also be holding a short Organizing Academy session before the event. The training will cover: Campaign Strategy and Tactics, Organizing Best Practices, and Critical Conversation Skills.
The Early Bird ticket special will expire at the end of January, so get yours now! On February 1st, ticket prices will go up by $15. You can purchase your tickets and find more details here.
WA Dems Among First to Receive DNC SPIF Grant
We are thrilled to announce that the Washington State Democrats were in the first wave of state parties to receive funding through a 2018 SPIF (State Party Innovation Fund) grant from the DNC.
We are putting the money directly into our statewide organizing program and hiring more organizers so that we can scale up our efforts in every corner of Washington State. That means more Organizing Academies, more PCO trainings, more outreach to local grassroots organizations, more volunteer recruitment, and -- ultimately -- more support for Democratic candidates in every race, in every place.
Thank you to Chair Tom Perez, Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, and the DNC, for their bold commitment to grassroots organizing and community engagement, throughout Washington State and across the country.
State Senate Passes Bump Stock Ban
With its new Democratic majority, the Washington State Senate voted 29-20 on Thursdayto prohibit the manufacture, sale, purchase, and possession of bump-fire stocks -- or bump stocks -- and trigger-modification devices that effectively increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm to that of an automatic weapon.
Bump stocks are devices that can be attached to a semi-automatic firearm to increase the rate of fire by using the recoil of the firearm to “bounce” it back toward the shooter’s trigger finger. Bump stocks were used in October’s mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and injured hundreds more.
Rise & Organize
If you’re not already a member of our monthly low-dollar donor program, you can join here. A few dollars a month will help us continue to hold Organizing Academies, train volunteers, and mobilize to defeat Republicans like Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Dino Rossi. Plus you'll get some new Rise & Organize gear when you sign up!
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