Joe Biden Endorses Manka

Let’s cut to it. This week, Joe Biden endorsed Manka Dhingra in the special election for state Senate in Washington’s 45th Legislative District.

This is a big deal.

The former Vice President of the United States has weighed in on the race because the next seventeen days are so important for the 45th LD, the Eastside, the state of Washington, and Democratic values in general.

As you well know, winning this election means Democrats would control the state Senate. This would allow Democrats to fully fund education in the state. It would keep Republicans from taking vital state programs hostage and threatening government shutdown like they did this summer. Manka Dhingra knows that’s not how you govern. Joe Biden knows that, too.

Now that ballots are out we’re working to get out the vote, in LD 45 and in every place Democrats are running. It’s time to join Joe Biden and help turn the west coast into a beautiful bright blue wall.

Senator Patty Murray Works to Save Health Care

Remember when Republicans were obsessively trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, only to fail over and over? Yeah, that was embarrassing.

Remember what our Senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, were doing during that time?

They were standing against Republicans’ rash repeal efforts. They were telling our stories on the floor of the U.S. Senate, engraving the good the ACA has done into the permanence of the Congressional Record. At the same time, our Senators were offering an olive branch to Republicans, telling them that if they would just agree to work together, Democrats would help them address what issues do exist with the ACA.

No Act of Congress is perfect. Just like any other law, the ACA needs to be maintained and improved so that its provisions continue to ensure that Americans have access to quality, affordable health care. But instead of doing their jobs and addressing small issues, Republicans tried to sabotage the ACA to justify its total repeal. Instead of pruning the ACA’s branches, Republicans charged at the health care law with a chainsaw. Over and over again. For seven months straight.

When Republicans finally exhausted every attempt at repeal, Democrats were still willing to make good on their word.

This week, Senator Patty Murray joined with Republican Senator Lamar Alexander to form a bipartisan plan to improve the ACA and to repair the damage that was done to the law’s provisions during months of Republican sabotage.

For the Trump wing of the Republican Party, no amount of cooperation will ever be sufficient. Donald Trump has continued his onslaught against the ACA, using all the tools that are still at his disposal to sabotage the law’s provisions and making impossible demands, even as more rational heads in his party join Democrats to save the law for the good of the American people. Trump would rather see the law fail and the American people suffer than concede that he was unable to undo President Obama’s signature legislative achievement.

Luckily, Senator Murray is hard at work to keep Trump from destroying our health care.

GOTV Webinar with Marlon Marshall

Marlon Marshall will be joining the National Democratic Training Committee for a GOTV training webinar on Wednesday, October 25th.

The Washington State Democrats have been partnering with the National Democratic Training Committee all year to provide campaign training to candidates.

You can join Marlon’s GOTV webinar here. For more information, check out the National Democratic Training Committee.

Civic Seminary Fellow Applications

Apply to be a Civic Seminary fellow! Applications are due October 27th. Learn more about the Civic Saturday program, past sermons, and events, and apply to become a Civic Seminary fellow today!

Maggies Nominations

We are delighted to announce we are opening nominations for our annual Warren G. Magnuson awards!

The Magnuson Awards, also known as the “Maggies”, honor individuals whose dedication and vision move this party forward. The “Maggie” Awards are an opportunity to recognize our outstanding Democratic activists, candidates and community leaders – to celebrate our victories each year among friends and allies. It is thanks to their devotion and action that we are prepared to face the challenges at hand and celebrate our great victories ahead.

Every year, we gather to honor the people who make our Party successful. But this year, we’re also bringing the celebration to you! In addition to honoring our winners and finalists at the State Committee meeting, we’ll be honoring the hard work and dedication of Democrats from across the State in their own communities, where they are working tirelessly to make an impact.

We will livestream each local award presentation through our Facebook page so you can tune in to see the winners and congratulate them! We will also recognize our winners at the upcoming State Committee Meeting in Bellingham on January 27th-28th.

Nominations are due by November 4th and you can find them here. We will announce the winners on November 13th and our Chair Tina will pay them a visit on the week of December 4th!

You can nominate folks in your area who exemplify Democratic values in the following categories: Eastern Washington Organizer, Central Washington Organizer, Western Washington Organizer, Trailblazer of the Year, Chair of the Year, Eastern Washington Candidate of the Year, Central Washington Candidate of the Year, Western Washington Candidate of the Year, and Ally of the Year!

Please contact Friday at (206)-583-0664 x 116 or with any questions!

It’s GOTV Time!

We’re nearing Election Day, and we need your help to get out the vote. Sign up to volunteer. Or you can find a GOTV canvass near you.

If you’re not able to join us for doorbelling and canvassing, you can still pitch in by making a contribution to help us meet our GOTV fundraising goals and ensure we are reaching as many Washingtonians as we possibly can!