The big news this week – in the legislature, Democrats are already getting to work on school funding, and in DC Republicans are ramping up their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats Lead on School Funding

Schools across Washington State facing funding cuts because of legislative inaction would see a reprieve under legislation passed out of committee by House Democrats this week. On Thursday, the House Appropriations Committee voted on a 17-15 party line vote to pass HB 1059, a bill to delay a cut to levies that local school districts rely on to pay for teachers, school supplies, and other essential costs. If HB 1059 doesn’t pass, school districts could be forced to lay off thousands of teachers, raise class sizes, and hurt the kids who rely on a great education for a bright future in life.

Passing HB 1059 would protect $358 million in essential school funding across the state.

The vote to pass the bill came down on a straight party line – every Democrat voted to protect school funding and every Republican voted to cut school funding. The difference between our parties couldn’t be more clear – Democrats support students and Republicans want to cut their schools.

The 15 Republicans who voted against this essential funding for schools are:

Rep. Vincent Buys        Lynden        360-786-7854

Rep. Michelle Caldier    Port Orchard        360-786-7802

Rep. Bruce Chandler    Granger        360-786-7960

Rep. Cary Condotta        Chelan        360-786-7954

Rep. Larry Haler        Richland        360-786-7986

Rep. Paul Harris        Vancouver        360-786-7976

Rep. Drew MacEwen    Union            360-786-7902

Rep. Matt Manweller    Ellensburg        360-786-7808

Rep. Terry Nealy        Dayton        360-786-7828

Rep. Joe Schmick        Colfax            360-786-7844

Rep. Drew Stokesbary    Auburn        360-786-7846

Rep. David Taylor        Moxee            360-786-7874

Rep. Brandon Vick        Felida            360-786-7850

Rep. Mike Volz        Spokane        360-786-7922

Rep. JT Wilcox        Yelm            360-786-7912


Let them know – funding education is the legislature’s most important job! Legislators need to stand up, do the right thing for kids, pass this bill and fund our schools!

Republican Attacks on the Affordable Care Act

Republicans in DC are continuing their plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which provides insurance to more than 750,000 Washingtonians and ensures critical protections like banning discrimination based on pre-existing conditions.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan got a bit of a surprise at a CNN townhall last night when a lifelong Republican whose life was saved by the Affordable Care Act confronted him about how they could repeal the ACA without a replacement. Watch the viral video clip here and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

That powerful story apparently went in one of Paul Ryan’s ears and out the other, because today, Ryan is moving forward with his plan to take health care away from millions of Americans and throw the health care system into chaos.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act is a move that only one in four Americans support. Most Americans who have received care through the Affordable Care Act live in Republican-led districts, meaning that Ryan and his fellow Republicans are stabbing their own voters in the back with this repeal vote. Countless Republicans are getting cold feet over their own party’s “repeal-and-delay” plan because they know that despite the political rhetoric, their constituents depend on the lifesaving care that the ACA provides. Republicans will regret attempting to take health care away from millions of Americans.

Republicans may have started the repeal process but we can still fight back! This coming Sunday, January 15th, please join us at a rally in Westlake Park in Seattle to say NO to taking health care away from hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians and millions more Americans. The rally will be from noon to 1 PM at Westlake Park at 401 Pine St, Seattle. There is a Facebook event through which you can RSVP here or just show up and be there!


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