Comey Testifies Before Congress

Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee just gave us the clearest and most damning evidence yet that President Trump lied to the American people and is likely committing obstruction of justice – a serious and disturbing charge. It’s now clear that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to steal the presidential election and that Trump has worked hard since then to curtail any investigation.

While Trump continues to attempt to protect himself and his friends, today’s testimony shows that he doesn’t care about the attacks on our democracy and on the American people. This behavior should alarm every member of Congress and every American, and oversight must happen.

We’re going to be closely tracking the investigations into Trump’s conduct. With mounting evidence that Trump himself personally obstructed justice, we need to do what we can to uncover the truth.

Jinyoung Englund & Jim Jensen

Have you heard about Jim Jensen, the Port of Tacoma Commissioner candidate who was just exposed by local activists and the Tacoma News Tribune for his history of racist and sexist posts on social media?

Jim Jensen was one of Trump’s biggest supporters in Washington state, but that’s not all. He’s also one of the top donors to Jinyoung Englund, the Republican running in the critical 45th LD special legislative election. It’s not enough that Jinyoung supports Trump and his policies herself – she’s also taking thousands of dollars from one of Trump’s most offensive supporters.

Email Jinyoung at and tell her that she should reject Jensen’s support and return his contribution to her campaign! His offensive comments should have no place in Washington politics, and Jinyoung accepting his support reflects incredibly poorly upon her.

TrumpCare On Deck In The Senate?

Senate Republicans are closer than ever to repealing the Affordable Care Act and slashing health care for 24 million Americans. While the Trumpcare bill passed by the House would have disastrous effects for millions of Americans, the Senate Republicans are desperately cutting deals with their members to try to win support for the bill.

The fact is, they’re still going to repeal Medicaid expansion, they’re still going to throw millions off their insurance, they’re still going to raise premiums through the roof, and they’re still going to slash protections that women, the elderly, disabled people and the sick are counting on to provide essential health care.

We have to be ready for the Senate Republicans to push this through as soon as they have the votes, maybe without even giving the bill a public hearing. Our champion Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are fighting this bill as hard as they can, and we need to be ready to back them up.

Update On The Summer Of Canvass

We’ve kicked off our Summer of Canvass, and the response has been great! More than 500 people across the state have already signed up to get involved:

This is after just one week of people signing up – Washington Democrats are clearly fired up to build our party infrastructure and talk with voters across the state.

Can we count on your help as well? By getting out on the doors we can hear voters’ concerns and talk with them about how our progressive values can help their families and communities succeed.

And if you haven’t signed up for our monthly donor program The Resistance, which directly funds this field organizing work, you can sign up for that here. Your monthly and sustained support provides essential funding to support our field organizing efforts. Plus, you get cool swag and an inside view into our organizing efforts and the change we’re making as we fight back against Trump and advance our progressive agenda.

McMorris Rodgers Ignoring Constituents

Did you see the video this week of Cathy McMorris Rodgers ignoring her constituents at a $5,000 plate fundraiser?

Last week, McMorris Rodgers blew off her constituents with a sign in her office door saying she was out of the office meeting constituents in her district. Except she was actually on the other side of the state in Bellevue, raising money for herself at a $5000-a-plate fundraiser with a bunch of lobbyists. Undaunted, a couple of her constituents traveled across the state to the fundraiser in an attempt to meet McMorris Rodgers and talk to her about health care — but they were turned away.

This just emphasizes the importance of rallying to defeat McMorris Rodgers and other Eastern Washington Republicans in 2018. Click here to contribute to our Cathy McMorris Rodgers Retirement Fund and help us build our party to compete in 2018!

Thank you for reading!