Paid Family Leave!

Democrats in the legislature have worked for years to get this funded, and Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law the most progressive paid family leave law in the country this week, providing up to 12 weeks of paid leave to new parents (plus another two weeks for complicated pregnancies) and for those who need time for family and medical care.

People shouldn’t have to choose between keeping their job and bonding with their new child or taking care of a sick family member, and this bill makes that possible. And Democrats worked with the business community to make sure that this bill worked for small businesses, and made paid family leave possible without being an undue burden. For example, a minimum wage worker with a full time job will contribute $1.36 weekly, and his/her/their employer will pay $0.80 weekly. Companies with fewer than 50 employees will be exempt, but their workers will still contribute. Self-employed workers are also eligible – so important in “gig economy” jobs.

By working together, Democrats were able to pass a bill that works for everyone, and makes Washington State THE national leader in supporting families and children.


Transgender Discrimination Fails To Make Ballot!

Great news this Friday – the anti-transgender initiative I-1552 failed to submit signatures to make the ballot! For the second year in a row, Washington voters have rejected this assault on our transgender friends, family, and neighbors.

We’ve seen the massive negative consequences this initiative could have had in North Carolina’s HB2 – we can’t allow that kind of discrimination in Washington. But while Washington’s progressive voters have said ‘no’ to this backwards policy, Trump in the White House means we’ll need to stay vigilant against attempts to roll back rights for the LGBTQ community.

Here’s the statement our Chair Tina Podlodowski sent out to the media on the initiative’s failure:

Inslee Vetoes Unfair New Business Tax Break!

Some more good news out of Olympia – Gov. Jay Inslee used his veto power to cut a regressive business tax break out of the budget’s tax bill. This new tax break – that would have directly cut taxes for Sen. John Braun, the Senate Republican budget negotiator – was negotiated at the last minute with no guarantees that it would create jobs or sunset for review by legislators. And 21% of the revenue from this break was for out-of-state oil companies!

This veto means we won’t be raising middle class taxes to fund a giant new tax break for out-of-state corporations – a small step to making our regressive tax code fairer. Thank you Gov. Inslee!


Share Your Health Care Story!

One of the most persuasive tools we have to save health care are our stories – people who have pre-existing conditions or have benefitted tremendously from the Affordable Care Act, talking about their experiences.

People are already stepping up to share their stories about how health care repeal would affect them, but we’re hoping to collect more ASAP in case the GOP brings repeal to a vote soon. Click here to share with us a story about how the ACA has helped you, a friend, or family. Please include your contact information if you’re willing to have your story shared publicly.


Update on Summer of Canvass


Our Summer of Canvass program is an exciting, volunteer-led canvassing program that can help build our party across the state and lay the groundwork to win elections in 2017 and the 2018 midterms.

We’ve already had hundreds of people step up to get involved in our Summer of Canvass program, but with ballots mailing out to voters next week, this is the crucial time to sign up and get out on the doors.

We’re having canvasses across the state next week as ballots arrive, and we need your help. You can sign up to join us here!

If you can’t make it out on the doors, you can help fund our field organizing efforts by joining the Resistance – our monthly fundraising program that goes directly into field organizing and other party building efforts like the Summer of Canvass.

Click here to find out more and help fund our grassroots efforts at $3, $7 or $14 dollars a month – even $27 – makes a huge difference!  Thanks for considering and again, here is the link.