State Senate Democrats presented a plan to override Hobby Lobby and ensure Washington women have access to contraception.

Three months ago, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision gave a woman’s health care decisions to her boss. Then, Senate Republicans in Washington, D.C., filibustered Patty Murray’s legislation to override the decision. 

Now, Democrats from the Washington State Senate are fighting to make sure a woman’s rights are preserved here in Washington. They’ll introduce a bill to override Hobby Lobby next year.

But this bill has no hope of passing if we don’t have a Democratic majority in the State Senate. We need to flip just two seats to win back the State Senate majority.

Add your name to stand with State Senate Democrats who are working to override Hobby Lobby for Washington women.

We know what will happen to this bill if Republicans control the State Senate, because we’ve been there before.

Earlier this year, the State House passed the Reproductive Parity Act, which also protects women’s health care choices. The bill went to the Republican-controlled State Senate, and they BLOCKED it from even coming up for a vote!

Republican State Senate incumbents like Steve O’Ban have claimed birth control “is not an issue” for his district.

What, are there no women in his district?

Another Republican incumbent, Andy Hill, failed to fight for important women’s health legislation like the Reproductive Parity Act, and he’s now asking women to support his re-election.

It’s clear. If we want to protect women’s health, we need to elect leaders who will stand with women. Stand with State Senate Democrats today and add your name.

(In July, we also asked supporters to sign a petition to support legislation in the U.S. Congress that would override Hobby Lobby.)