State Democratic Party Chairs and DNC Members will introduce the attached resolution at the DNC’s Executive Committee Meeting at the end of this month calling for a presidential debate focused on the climate crisis facing our planet in response to the DNC’s announcement yesterday that they have declined to dedicate one of 12 debates to this crisis.

Climate change touches every issue, from healthcare to jobs and the economy to our national security, and Democratic Party leaders urge the DNC to reconsider their position on focusing the American people’s attention on the wealth of ideas Democrats have to solve this crisis:

“Our beautiful Northwest summers of warm temperatures and glistening blue skies are now intermixed with cloud-cover of wildfire smoke and punctuated by dangerous air alerts,” said Carla Hanson, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon and DNC Member. “For weeks on end this can persist as our forests burn, our streams become contaminated, and our wildlife dies — all while Oregon industries from tourism to agriculture suffer the consequences. When it comes to climate change, we have no time to waste.”

“Democrats must speak with a single voice on this fundamental truth: the time to act on climate change is now. For too long, we’ve let Republicans in D.C. mislead the American people with failed policies and outright lies on this issue,” said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party and DNC Member. “We should have a presidential debate to focus the public on the reality that Democrats can solve this crisis, and to leave future generations a world we can be proud for them to inherit.”

“Kansas has long been the land of Ahhhs, from the beautiful rivers to the vast prairie. Climate change poses a life-changing threat to family farms and a way of life that spans generations,” said Chris Reeves, DNC Member from Kansas. “We must become the good stewards of our land, our water and our air. We can embrace a better future for our children and our grandchildren, and we must do it now.”

“Utah’s Hill Air Force Base is the Air Force’s most at-risk installation due to climate change. The devastating cost of inaction will hit Utahns particularly hard,” said Daisy Thomas, Chair of the Utah Democratic Party and DNC Member. “This is one of the most important issues facing our state and country and we demand the Democratic Party lead on this issue and prove their commitment by making it a focus in the 2020 Presidential race.”

The resolution to the DNC Executive committee currently has 18 signatories from DNC Members in 10 states. We will continue gathering support for this resolution, and an updated list of signatories can be obtained by email.