Winning back the State Senate majority is one of the topic priorities of the Washington State Democrats this fall. That’s why we’re sending out a series of emails featuring our targeted races for State Senate. On July 22nd, Chair Jaxon Ravens sent out this email asking people to support Seth Fleetwood for State Senate:

Dear Friend,

Great news!

This fall, we have a strong chance to oust one of the biggest enemies of environmental progress in our State Senate — Doug Ericksen.

Doug Ericksen is Chair of the State Senate committee focused on the environment.

Ericksen is notorious for cozying up to corporate special interests and lobbyists — more than any other WA legislator according to a 2013 Associated Press investigation. 1

Many of the lobbyists Ericksen got meals and freebies from represented the oil industry. It might come as no surprise that Ericksen has used his position to push Big Oil’s agenda, even giving climate change deniers a platform to spew their anti-science rhetoric. 

Seth Fleetwood is challenging Doug Ericksen. Will you sign our petition and show your support for Seth?

It’s time that Whatcom County had a Senator who worked for them, not the corporate lobbyists.

Seth Fleetwood has been representing the people of Whatcom for 12 years on the Bellingham City and Whatcom County Councils, and he’s ready to represent them in the State Senate.

He stands up for the people of Whatcom — supporting personal freedom, protecting the environment by preserving farmland and keeping Lake Whatcom clean, and building infrastructure that the economy needs to grow.

Seth has been endorsed by many different groups, including the Washington Conservation Voters, Washington State Labor Council, Planned Parenthood Votes and more. 

Seth Fleetwood will work for the people of Whatcom, not corporate lobbyists. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

Join me. Add your name to show your support for Seth Fleetwood and help us take back the State Senate.

In solidarity,