On June 6th, Chair Jaxon Ravens sent the following email to our list, asking them to support Tami Green for State Senate. To learn more about Tami or contribute to her campaign, go to http://www.tamigreen.com/


Dear Friend,

There’s a lot to be excited about this year –

We have a great opportunity to unseat one of the most conservative voices in the State Senate.

In his one year in office, State Senator Steve O’Ban has led efforts to allow businesses to deny services to gays and lesbians.

He’s worked to allow insurance companies to deny coverage for basic services, like mammograms, diabetes, and autism screenings.

Our state needs leaders who will move our state forward.

Rep. Tami Green has been representing the 28th District for 10 years. She has a strong record of accomplishment in the 28th District, and she is challenging Steve O’Ban for State Senate.

Tami Green is a trusted nurse and legislative leader known for her integrity, courage, and willingness to bring people together.

In her 10 years in the Legislature, Tami has earned a strong reputation as an experienced leader who is focused on results.

She is a strong advocate for the values we share. She’s worked to strengthen the middle class, protect our environment, expand access to health care, and protect a woman’s right to choose.

With Republicans in power in the State Senate, we haven’t gotten the results that will help Washington’s working families.

This year, the Republican State Senate majority refused to compromise and failed to pass a Transportation or Capitol Budget. This has killed jobs and hurt our middle class.

Steve O’Ban was in step with the State Senate majority the entire way.

We need to elect leaders who are willing to come to the table, get to work, and do what’s best for our communities and working families.

We need Tami Green in the State Senate. Join us now and sign on as a supporter today.

In solidarity,

Jaxon Ravens
Washington State Democrats Chair