The race for Governor has begun. Jay Inslee has his first Republican opponent.

Three years ago, the Washington State Republican Party thought they had the Governor’s race all locked up. But they were wrong!

You elected Jay Inslee because he had a stronger vision for our state — and the Republican Party was furious!

Ever since then, Republicans have been waiting for this moment. They don’t like that Jay Inslee is asking the wealthy to pay their fair share to solve our state’s biggest challenges. They hate that Jay Inslee is asking Big Oil to pay for the pollution they spew into the air. They can’t stand the fact that Jay Inslee supports raising the minimum wage, paid sick leave, and equal pay for equal work.

The Republican Party and their special interest friends will go for broke this election to elect a Republican who will do their bidding. But we’re making it our mission to re-elect Jay Inslee, because he’s fighting for you and me.

Republicans have a candidate for Governor. Will you add your name in support Jay Inslee for Governor in 2016?

Jay Inslee’s Republican challenger Bill Bryant is a former registered Republican lobbyist who spent nearly $50,000 of his own money trying to put deeply conservative politicians like George W. Bush and Mitch McConnell into office. 

Recently, Republican Bill Bryant led the charge to make Seattle the home base for Shell’s drilling in the Arctic.

This is not the kind of leader we need in our state. 

We need to create a Washington that works for everybody. That’s why we’re all in for Jay Inslee.

Join us and fight for Jay: Add your name in support of Jay Inslee for Governor today.