Showing a shocking disregard for the voters of the 45th district, candidate Jinyoung Englund skipped a campaign forum for the 45th district Senate special election Tuesday night and instead attended a fundraiser thrown for her in Pierce County, far from the district in which she is running.  The forum was held by the Education Hill Neighborhood Association, and including discussion of issues like housing affordability, taxes, education, climate change, protecting and supporting vulnerable residents, and more. Almost the entire 2 hour forum was dedicated to audience questions, allowing for a in-depth conversation between candidates and constituents.  Jinyoung’s out-of-district fundraiser only added to her total of fundraising from outside of the 45th district – 87.6% of the funds raised so far by Jinyoung’s campaign have come from outside of the cities of the 45th district. The fundraiser was hosted by partisan Republican organizations, including the Pierce County Republican Party, The South Sound Ronald Reagan Republican Club, the 25th District Republicans, 2/29 District Republican Club, 25th Republican Club, & Republican Women of Pierce County.

“Considering that Jinyoung Englund didn’t even live in the 45th district until a few days before filing for office, she should be making it more of a priority to spend time listening to residents of the district she wants to represent,” said Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski. “Jinyoung’s belief that spending time with out-of-district campaign donors is more important than listening to 45th district residents shows how unfit she is for this office. We’re proud to have a candidate in Manka Dhingra who will put her community first – not campaign donors.”

45th LD Senate candidates Manka Dhingra (D) and Parker Harris (I) next to Jinyoung Englund (R)’s empty chair

Photo of Jinyoung Englund speaking at her Pierce County fundraiser


Event details for Jinyoung Englund’s Pierce County fundraiser