In Washington, D.C., and Olympia, Democrats are fighting for you and me.

We’re fighting to raise the minimum wage and give everybody a fair shot at earning a living. Despite Republicans’ endless attempts at repeal, we’re winning the battle over the Affordable Care Act and helping more and more people gain access to health care.

We’ve come far. But we have a long fight ahead if we want to protect our progressive victories.

Extreme right wing candidates have announced they’re running for President — and others are getting ready to announce. Recently, it was leaked that the Koch Brothers will spend an ASTOUNDING $889 million for the 2016 election.

They’re looking ahead to 2016, and so are we. Our work to create a powerful grassroots movement for progressive change has to begin now.

To get started, it’ll help to know a little about you – how you like to get involved and what issues matter to you. 

Please fill out this very short one-minute survey right now and help us get ready to take on the SuperPACs in 2016. 

We’re fighting to create a Washington that works for everyone, but we can’t do it alone. Together, we’ll show that people power is worth more than SuperPAC millions.

Let’s do this!