Tina Podlodowski Reelected Chair Of WA State Democrats

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | January 27, 2019

Today Tina Podlodowski was reelected to a second term as Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party during the General Session of this weekend’s State Committee Meeting.

Said Podlodowski: “I am honored that the Washington State Democratic Central Committee has elected me to continue as Chair for the next two years. I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last two years, and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve with the momentum that we’ve built as a state party. I want to thank the the State Democratic Central Committee for continuing to put their trust in me. Democrats are the party of all Washingtonians, and we will continue to fight for our values, our neighbors, and our families by putting people first.”

David Green of Spokane, Washington was elected Vice Chair of the Party.

Said Green: “I’m excited to work to help Washington — and Eastern Washington in particular — local party organizations. I look forward to building the Democratic bench this year and electing a Democrat to the White House in 2020.”


Tina Podlodowski was first elected Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party in January 2017.

Under Tina’s tenure as WA State Democratic Party Chair, the State Party has:

  • Hired year-round organizers (even in the so-called “off years”)

  • Expanded the electoral map to once again include all of Washington State (not just the greater Seattle area)

  • Invested in the digital program so the Party is communicating across multiple platforms

  • Recruited the most diverse class of Democratic candidates in state history

  • Flipped the state Senate in a 2017 special election, giving Democrats control of both legislative chambers and the governor’s mansion

  • Strengthened the Democratic majorities in both chambers of the WA State legislature

  • Elected a Democrat to the 8th Congressional District for the first time ever