On March 13th, Chair Jaxon Ravens sent out the following email to our email list asking you to support Joan McBride, who is challenging State Senator Rodney Tom. Rodney Tom, who was elected as a Democrat, began voting with Republicans in the State Senate and was chosen as Senate Majority Leader as a result. We want to elect a true Democrat to the State Senate in the 48th District.


Dear Friend,

As another gridlocked session in Olympia comes to a close, let’s review what Rodney Tom and Senate Republicans have accomplished –

They ignored the Supreme Court order to fund education. They tried to increase the number of tax loopholes, including $59 million that goes to Big Oil instead of schools. They passed a transportation package that weakens environmental and labor standards.

And, in one of their most astonishing moves, they hijacked a bill funding most of our state’s homeless programs and diverted nearly half of it to the real estate industry.

We’re at a crossroads. We’ve seen what happens in states like Wisconsin when the right wing takes control of State Legislatures.

Will you help us bring responsible leadership to the State Senate? Support Joan McBride, who is running for State Senate in the 48th District.

Joan McBride is challenging Rodney Tom for State Senate. Sign our petition and say: I’m with Joan!

Joan McBride has an in-depth understanding of the 48th District and a strong record of delivering results. She served as Kirkland Mayor and sat on the Kirkland City Council for 16 years where she helped the city achieve a triple A bond rating.

Joan shares our values when it comes to supporting our schools, making transportation and transit investments, safeguarding women’s health, and protecting communities’ quality of life – and she has the experience to back it up.

She knows how to bring people together and will lead with integrity as we work to repair the gridlock caused by Rodney Tom and Senate Republicans.

A few months from now, we will be fighting for 23 seats in the State Senate that are up for election. Republicans are hoping to grab more power and further dismantle our social safety net.

Time to send a REAL Democrat to Olympia in the 48th District. Stand up for a leader with integrity and sign on as a supporter of Joan McBride for State Senate.

To learn more about Joan, go to http://joanmcbride.com.


Jaxon Ravens
Washington State Democrats Chair