Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski today released the following statement on Tiffany Smiley’s ultra-conservative plans for Washington state, including tax hikes on over half of American workers and retirees, after National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott released a new GOP agenda.

“For weeks national Republicans have been talking up Tiffany Smiley on Fox News, and now it’s clear why: they know she’ll back their extreme agenda that includes tax hikes on Washington workers and retirees,” said Podlodowski.

“While national Republicans can count on Tiffany Smiley to help flip the Senate for Mitch McConnell and hike taxes on working people and seniors, Washington state can count on Patty Murray to fight for lower costs for our workers and families, whether it’s delivering one of the largest middle class tax cuts in history just last year or making child care and health care more affordable.

“Washington state shouldn’t have to pay the price for Tiffany Smiley’s ultra conservative plans, and that’s why Democrats are working hard to send Patty Murray back to the U.S. Senate this fall.”