WA State Dems Chair Welcoming Howard Schultz Back To Seattle With A Rally

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | January 30, 2019

SEATTLE, WA — Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski is welcoming Howard Schultz back to Seattle by speaking at a grassroots rally hosted by Indivisible WA (8th District). The rally is scheduled to begin at 6pm on Thursday, January 31, outside the Moore Theater where Schultz is hosting a promotional event.

Since Schultz floated the idea of running for President as an independent in 2020,Tina has had one consistent message for him: Just. Don’t.

Tina has repeatedly invited Schultz for a cup of coffee to discuss his political future, but with no response. Now, as Schultz returns from a national publicity tour to his hometown of Seattle, the State Democratic Chair is welcoming him back. And urging him to stay here, saying:

“As we’ve seen from your interviews over the last week, Howard, you’ve lost touch with ordinary, real Americans. You don’t know that access to affordable healthcare is the primary concern of most families. You don’t know that running as an independent could guarantee the re-election of the very guy you claim to despise – Donald Trump. You don’t know how important is it to vote since you voted in just 11 out of the last 38 elections. Heck, you don’t even know how much a box of cereal costs.”

She added, “Welcome home, Howard. Washington State is a beautiful place, and we hope you stay here for the rest of this election cycle.”