State Shutdown?

With Republicans continuing to block passage of a state budget that fully funds education and essential state services, state government is heading towards the brink of a government shutdown. The legislature needs to pass a budget by July 1st or the government will halt nearly all of its services – a disaster for Washington state. We need to force Republicans to come to the bargaining table so the legislature can come to an agreement on a budget and we can all avoid a government shutdown.


What a government shutdown means for Washingtonians

A government shutdown would be a disaster for all Washingtonians:

Public Safety

Many Washington State Patrol Troopers and Corrections Officers would be temporarily laid off. Supervision of parolees would be halted and jails would even be unable to accept new inmates. State law enforcement would be unable to process most casework or act to keep Washingtonians safe from crime and violence.



Businesses count on government for all kinds of help, and many of these essential activities would be suspended in case of a government shutdown. Delivery of state goods would be halted, contracts could be canceled, work on construction projects would be stopped, and businesses would be unable to secure important licenses and permits for their activities.


Students & Vulnerable Washingtonians

A shutdown would halt services for foster children, victims of domestic violence, the disabled, and more. Low-income families in state-subsidized housing could receive eviction notices, and assistance from housing to food could be cut. The most vulnerable Washingtonians would be left without a safety net, while payments to school districts and health insurance coverage for teachers are colleges and universities could be suspended.


Parks and the Environment

A state government shutdown would force the closure of all state parks – right as the 4th of July weekend begins. Families with camping plans, couples getting married, or just folks who want to go for a hike or a picnic would have their plans disrupted.

And that’s not all – a shutdown would let fish die at our fish hatcheries, halt clean-up at SuperFund and toxic waste sites, and even suspend forest fire suppression and prevention activities.


What You Can Do To Help

Call Your Legislator

Call your legislators at the legislative hotline – 1-800-562-6000 – and tell them Republicans need to come to the table so we can fund schools and avoid a shutdown. This is all the more important if you live in a district represented by Republicans!


Come To An Event

Progressives are holding rallies across the state next week calling on Republicans to join the Democrats and act. All the rallies are on Thursday, June 22, with details linked below:


Federal Way




Doorbell Your Neighborhood

Sign up to doorbell or host a canvass with our Summer of Canvass program! These next few weeks are essential for getting the word out about what the Republicans are doing, and talking to our neighbors face-to-face is one of the best ways to spread the word.

We’re putting together volunteer-led canvasses across the state, and we need your help.