Welcome to the new wa-democrats.org! You will find many of the features of the old wa-democrats.org, but with a cleaner, more visual design. We hope that the new design will make finding content on wa-democrats.org an easier, more engaging experience.

What will you find here? Who we are, what we believe in, who we support, how to get involved in your neighborhood, and ways to take action right now

Look under the About menu to find how the Party works and what makes it tick day to day. Under People, you’ll find information about Democratic elected officials and candidates. These are the men and women we fight to elect every two years. 

Click Issues to find the guiding principles that define the Party. In this section, you’ll find excerpts from our Platform categorized by topic. On the individual pages for each topic, you’ll learn where we stand along with resolutions on that topic. While the Platform outlines our positions, resolutions are how the Party takes those principles and responds to the news of the day.

Under News you’ll find our blog and press releases, whereas clicking Get Local will tell you how to get involved with the Democratic Party in your area. These local Democratic organizations are the heart and soul of the Party and the best way for you to stay connected with local issues that affect your daily life.

Under Take Action, you will find ways to get involved with the Party and help elect Democrats who will keep our state and country moving forward. 

An important page on our site is the Election Center. Go to this page to find our full list of candidates and new information about the 2014 campaign and ways you can get involved.

We hope you enjoy this site! Please check back, as the page will change as we head into the election year. And don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you think!