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CD 9 – LD 33

The Democrats running in your community and the positions they’re running for are:


This pandemic has shown us that we can only trust Democrats to stand strong and protect our lives, our livelihoods, and our way of life during these unprecedented times. If you’re feeling inspired about these incredible Democrats running in your community, commit to vote for them and share this resource for your friends all over Washington to find the Democrats running in their communities TODAY!

Here’s a sample Facebook post for you to make it even easier to motivate the people in your social networks to vote and tag 5 friends to join you in committing to vote:

“I’m a proud Washington Democrat and I just signed my digital Commit to Vote card! Find out who the incredible Democrats running in your community are by clicking here, then tag 5 friends to take the Commit to Vote Challenge with you TODAY!”

If you want to do even more to elect Democrats who will champion healthcare expansion, put working people first as we recover from this pandemic, and guarantee the civil rights of every single Washingtonian, you can sign up to join our Virtual Volunteer army here!

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