The following is an excerpt from the WSDC 2022 Platform, approved June 25, 2022:

We believe all people have a natural right to clean air, water, soil, and food. We have the responsibility to ensure that future generations are provided with a healthy world capable of sustaining and improving their lives. This can only be achieved through international collaboration to effectively address the global climate crisis threatening the health of the planet. The struggle to protect our planet’s climate health must be mutually dependent and interwoven with the struggles for racial and economic justice.

We support aggressive action now to reduce greenhouse gas pollution in order to immediately slow, and  ultimately halt further global climate change, species extinctions, ocean acidification guided by prompt and effective decision making based on peer-reviewed, best available science and economic evidence. We call for major new investments in rail and transportation infrastructure, manufacturing industries, sustainable agriculture, energy conservation buildings, and clean tech innovation to create millions of good-paying union jobs benefitting every community, while ensuring a just transition for workers in fossil fuel industries to ensure ongoing employment. 

We believe that an efficient, well-planned land use and multimodal transportation system promotes a healthy economy. This requires our transportation systems to rapidly transition away from the use of fossil fuels and the burning of carbon-based fuels.

We must preserve family farms, strengthen rural communities, ensure the availability of high-quality food, and maintain the viability of land and water. We must promote agriculture and forest management practices that restore healthy soils that can sequester large quantities of CO2. We must preserve the health of our forests and timber communities. We must preserve rivers, tideland, estuaries, and oceans and strengthen our fishing and aquaculture communities.

You can find resolutions passed by the WSDCC related to this section of the platform below: