The below is an excerpt from the Washington State Democratic Platform, as passed by the elected delegates to the 2018 Washington State Convention, held in Wenatchee Washington on June 17th, 2018. You can find Resolutions passed by the WSDCC in the column to the right.

Health care is a basic human right. Our government should assure, and guarantee by law, accessible and affordable health care for all. We support universal health care and moving to a public single-payer system. Such a system guarantees medical care from prenatal through end of life, including dental care, vision, mental health, prescription drug benefits, treatment and care for catastrophic illness, long-term care, and provisions for reproductive choice, disease prevention, and alternative treatments.

We support the defense and adequate funding of Medicare and Medicaid.

We support the patient’s right to access and choice between all lawful medical treatment options, without hindrance by institutions exercising religious doctrine. We support access to women’s reproductive healthcare, including public funding for Planned Parenthood. We support the patient’s right to decision-making and other provisions of the Death With Dignity Act.

To protect individuals, as well as communities, Washington State should provide a distributed comprehensive continuum of public Mental Health Care from early intervention and preventive services continuing through medically appropriate crisis care and community reintegration services.

We call for:

  • Maintaining Washington State non-Medicaid funding to protect the most vulnerable in our population;
  • Increased funding for research and the National Institutes of Health; grants must be based on scientific merit, not political agenda;
  • Support for family planning and reproductive rights;
  • Health insurance programs to cover all forms of reproductive services and methods that are legal in Washington State, in accord with the principles of reproductive parity;
  • Full implementation of mental health and substance abuse parity with complete phase-out of existing exemptions and implementation of regulatory standards and enforcement of mental health parity laws;
  • Continued funding for HIV/AIDS-related education and care;
  • Collaborative and patient-centered health decision-making regardless of economic, social, or ethnic background.

We oppose:

  • Ending the Medicare Trust Fund for any voucher system, which would limit access to affordable medical care for seniors;
  • Denial of legal medical treatment or prescription purchase based on the personal religious beliefs of medical and pharmaceutical personnel;
  • The appallingly excessive profits of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries and their outrageous influence over the political process.