The below is an excerpt from the Washington State Democratic Platform, as passed by the elected delegates to the 2018 Washington State Convention, held in Wenatchee Washington on June 17th, 2018. You can find Resolutions passed by the WSDCC in the column to the right.

We are a nation of diverse cultures. Immigrants strengthen the United States of America. All immigrants should be afforded full human rights and a fair, safe, and timely determination of their status.

We believe:

  • All people, regardless of their country of origin or their immigration status, deserve to be treated fairly, respectfully, and with dignity, and that all people have a right to equal treatment under the law;
  • All children regardless of immigration status are entitled to education to provide them the knowledge and skills to be productive members of society;
  • In allowing access to health care and human services without regard to immigration status; withholding those services is discriminatory and inhumane;
  • Immigration is not a matter of homeland security.
  • All detainees should have the right to human treatment, safe facilities, adequate medical care, nutrition, clothing and shelter.

We call for:

  • Urgent comprehensive reform of United States immigration policy;
  • Protecting the integrity of our borders while recognizing the basic human rights of immigrants and protecting them with transparent due process in all proceedings and a clear and equitable pathway to documented status and citizenship if desired;
  • Increasing family unification, including families of domestic partners and bi-national couples, by granting legal status with the same standards as spouses of citizens;
  • Allowing undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children who have attained the age of majority to apply for U.S. citizenship without first being required to return to their country of origin;
  • A more comprehensive “Dream Act” for young adults to enter a path of achievement that can lead to United States citizenship;
  • Extending temporary residency to children of undocumented immigrants to allow them to pursue higher education or national service and to be given an opportunity to earn permanent residency;
  • Enforcement of the laws which penalize employers who knowingly employ undocumented immigrants;
  • Provide legal access for employers to an immigrant workforce, such as a guest worker program;
  • Policies that fully integrate and support immigrants as equal members of our communities, including programs offering immigrants instruction in English, interpretative and translation services of governmental documents and services, and preparation for citizenship;
  • Policies that encourage foreign students to remain in the United States and give them an opportunity to earn permanent residency;
  • An expeditious process to clear the immigration backlog and avoid lengthy detentions for adults and children;
  • An end to deportation or detention, without due process of law;
  • Streamlining and expediting procedures for granting asylum to persons fleeing from areas of war, genocide, and political oppression, subject to appropriate security concerns;
  • Provisions to prevent discrimination in wages and working conditions for immigrant workers, including access to safe and adequate housing, medical care and educational opportunities;
  • Using diplomacy and sustainable development to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions that contribute to undocumented immigration into the United States.

We oppose:

  • State or local police involvement in the enforcement of federal immigration laws;
  • The use of for-profit prisons by Immigration, Customs and Enforcements (ICE) used for the detention of immigrants;
  • Border Patrol checkpoints away from the border and the engagement of Border Patrol agents in ordinary law enforcement activities, including providing routine translation services;
  • Demands for immediate presentation of documents regarding one’s status in the United States;
  • Efforts to deputize, commission, finance, or otherwise encourage vigilante border militia groups in the United States;
  • Automatic detention and/or deportation of asylum-seekers;
  • Legislative attempts to establish English as the sole official language of the United States;
  • Unjust and arbitrary quotas, limits, and other immigration rules that have the primary purpose of preventing new immigration;
  • The use of work visas, such as H-1B and H-2A visas, as a substitute for  hiring U.S. citizens;
  • Policies that exclude immigrants based on country of origin.