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  • Dino Rossi and Wall Street Reform: from Silence to Repeal in 63 Days

    Yesterday, handpicked Republican candidate Dino Rossi became the first Senate candidate in the country to lead the charge in calling for a repeal of Wall Street reform. Rossi hasn’t always been so vocal about his positions, though, and it is worth looking at how Rossi went from silence to repeal in 63 days.

    May 25 – Rossi enters the race for U.S. Senate but refuses to state a position on Wall Street reform.(1)

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  • Will Rossi Stand with His Corporate Bully Friends or Washington State Families on the DISCLOSE Act?

    Handpicked Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi will be in Washington, DC, this week for a set of high-dollar, inside-money fundraisers. While Rossi rakes in cash from corporate lobbyists, the Senate will be considering the DISCLOSE Act that would reform campaign finance laws and keep corporations accountable for the money they spend in elections.

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  • Rossi Stays Silent as Senate Makes Progress on Small Business Jobs Bill

    Rossi heard from small biz owners firsthand – will he still follow DC Republicans to reject a deficit-reducing plan that gets credit flowing?

    Last night, the Senate voted to include a community bank lending fund in the Small Business Jobs Bill now being considered on the Senate floor. Notably, only two Republicans broke ranks to support the bill. Would handpicked Republican candidate Dino Rossi have stood up to Republican leaders in DC to support small businesses in Washington state?

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  • VIDEO: Washington State Families Suffer, Rossi Prospers

    Watch "Foreclosed" here

    President Obama signed the Wall Street reform bill into law today to ensure that American taxpayers are never asked to shoulder the burden of another financial crisis. In the wake of the meltdown Washington families lost their homes, seniors lost their savings, and small business owners lost their access to credit, but Republican establishment candidate Dino Rossi profited.

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  • Rossi Would Rerun Failed Economic Policies Before He Would Support Unemployed Washington Workers

    He must agree that unemployed Washington residents view their hardship as "vacation"

    Handpicked Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi opposes an extension of emergency unemployment benefits that the Senate is expected to pass today. Before staking a position on critical issues such as Wall Street reform, Rossi was adamant that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy should be renewed, but middle class Washington residents on Main Street who are out of work because of greed on Wall Street should not receive emergency unemployment insurance.

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  • Dino Rossi Refuses To Stand With Washington State’s Unemployed Workers

    Instead he wants to extend deficit tax cuts for the wealthy

    As Congress works to pass an extension of unemployment insurance that will benefit 18,600 out of work individuals in Washington state and President Obama prepares to sign the Wall Street reform bill later this week, it is worth taking a closer look at Republican Dino Rossi's ideas for our economy.

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  • Do Rossi, Didier, Akers Want To Wrestle Main Street’s Victory Away From Washington State Families?

    A vote to repeal is a vote for the greedy banks

    In an effort to prevent future financial meltdowns, the Senate yesterday passed legislation that is critical to protecting Washington state families, seniors and small business owners. Republican Senate candidates Dino Rossi, Clint Didier and Paul Akers would have voted against these commonsense reforms. Are they so out of touch with Washington voters and values that they would parrot DC Republicans and support a repeal of the legislation?

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  • Would Dino Rossi Fight For Veterans?

    Senators who blocked effort to protect homeless veterans hosted a fundraiser for him

    Today Senator Patty Murray released her first ad of the campaign focused on her work on behalf of Washington state’s veterans. Two weeks ago, the handpicked candidate of the Republican establishment, Dino Rossi, was at a DC fundraiser hosted by the same Republican Senators who actively blocked Senator Murray’s Homeless Women Veterans and Homeless Veterans With Children Act.

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  • A Day in the Life of Dino Rossi

    Ever wondered what a day in the life of Dino Rossi looks like? This Daily World piece gives a pretty good inside look at his day full of cowtowing to the right-wing media, refusing to take a stand on the issues or fight for Washington's priorities, and rehashing campaign stops from his failed campaigns for governor.

    Dino's right-wing entourage

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  • Connecting The Dots On Dino Rossi And His Close Ties To The Rove Right-Wing Agenda

    In the first attack ad of the year, the American Action Network (AAN) let loose a baseless assault on Senator Patty Murray's strong record of serving Washington families. After a closer look at the Karl Rove-driven ad, the connected dots draw a clear line from the shady AAN to handpicked Republican candidate Dino Rossi.

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