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  • As Rossi Reels In Wall Street Cash, Washington Wonders When He Will Come Clean About His Opposition To Reform?

    Rossi believes reform to protect Main Street would lead to "more of a collapse"

    Though he continues to skirt the truth about his opposition to commonsense Wall Street Reform, Republican Dino Rossi was in Manhattan last week raising money from some of the finance industry's most dangerous predators. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer hosted the fundraiser. Singer operates Wall Street-based Elliot management, one of the largest vulture funds in the world that turns a profit by taking advantage of the world's poorest countries.

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  • Rossi's Record: On the Side of Big Oil

    Perennial Politician Dino Rossi Voted Against Clean Energy and Stood Up for BP

    SEATTLE - Twenty years after the Exxon Valdez spilled up to 32 million gallons of oil in Prince William Sound, northwest businesses are still being affected. With the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico still spilling up to 4.2 million gallons per day, we know that gulf coast businesses will be affected for generations.

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  • Dino Rossi Rakes in Thousands from Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager

    Rossi Still Refuses to Lend His Support To Wall Street Reform

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  • Dino Rossi Want To Know If You're a Saint, a Sinner, or Ready To Be Saved

    Perennial Politician Calls Those Who Disagree With Him "Sinners"

    SEATTLE - In an interview with the National Journal, ethically-challenged perennial politician Dino Rossi asks if you're ready to be saved:

    "In the old adage, there are saints and sinners and those who can be saved. The saints are with us, the sinners are not. And the ones that can be saved are the ones we will be talking to," Rossi said.

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  • Rossi Raises Money with Those Blocking Murray's Women Veterans Bill

    Establishment Republicans Block Commonsense Vets Bill Then Host Lavish Fundraiser For Dino Rossi

    SEATTLE - On the same day that Senate Republicans blocked a commonsense bill put forward by Senator Patty Murray to help homeless women veterans, they will also hold a lavish fundraiser for perennial politician and fellow establishment Republican Dino Rossi.

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  • A Month Late and a Dollar Short: Rossi Has Issues

    Rossi Wants to Rollback Health-Care Reforms, Scrap Economic Recovery Plans, and Extend Bush Economic Policies

    SEATTLE - A full month after launching his third statewide campaign in six years, perennial politician Dino Rossi finally got around to adding an "issues" section to his website, after being hit from the right and left over the utter lack of substance from his campaign.

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  • Republican Dave Reichert Fails To Answer on Oil Spill

    Reichert Shows Ignorance on Environmental Disaster

    SEATTLE - According to the Seattle Times, Republican Congressman Dave Reichert refused to answer questions about whether to hold BP accountable for the Gulf Oil Spill, saying that "his feelings are we are still in the middle of this crisis."

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  • Dino's Extreme Anti-Choice Positions

    Rossi Even Opposes Education to Reduce Teen Pregnancy

    SEATTLE – Perennial politician Dino Rossi has finally taken a clear stance on a woman’s right to choose, and he is firmly against it.

    Rossi told PubliCola that, if elected, he would forbid access to Plan B birth control, outlaw the use of federal funds for any part of any health plan that covers abortion, and even oppose using federal funds for education and services that reduce teen pregnancy.

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  • Dino Rossi Sticks up for BP - Dismissing $20 Billion Escrow Fund to Cover Cleanup and Damages

    While Patty Murray Stands Up For Washington Taxpayers, Dino Rossi Sticks Up For Big Oil

    SEATTLE - As the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico approaches day sixty, ethically challenged perennial politician Dino Rossi continues to stick up for special interests, standing with Big Oil by dismissing a proposed $20 billion escrow fund to cover damages to individuals and businesses harmed by the oil spill.

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  • New Report: Rossi Exposed as NRSC Favorite and Political Insider

    SEATTLE – A new report from Politico details the insider deals that convinced Dino Rossi to run for U.S. Senate.

    According to the report, Rossi met with "about a dozen" unnamed Republican senators, all part of an "elaborate courtship process" aimed at convincing Rossi that he was a "prospective star." Rossi announced his bid for office "about two months after his red-carpet treatment in the Capitol."

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