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  • Jinyoung Englund lived outside 45th district as of April 4th

    Former RNC staffer and candidate for the 45th LD Senate seat Jinyoung Lee Englund was registered to vote outside of the 45th district with a mailing address in Virginia as recently as April 4th, according to data provided by the Washington Secretary of State’s office. 

    According to a data file of registered voters provided by the Secretary of State's office on April 4th 2017, Englund was registered to vote in the 48th LD at 17020 38th Pl NE, Bellevue WA 98008, with a mailing address at 181 East Reed Ave Unit 103, Alexandria VA 22305. 

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  • Jinyoung Lee Englund – A Career of the Republican Party Line

    Englund has spent her entire career as a Washington D.C. lobbyist and partisan operative for the Republican Party – a record wildly out of touch with the values and concerns of 45th LD voters

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  • 4-8-17 Democratic Week In Review

    Fellow Democrats – it’s been a huge week in politics, but here are updates on some of the big new items we’re tracking. 


    Trump Strikes Syria

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  • Democratic Week In Review - 4/1/17

    Happy April Fool’s Day! We promise that there aren’t any tricks or fooling in our Week In Review email – just the news you need about what’s going on in politics this week.


    This week’s breaking news – Senator Maria Cantwell has announced her opposition to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch!

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  • When will Dino Rossi face his constituents in person? History suggests never

    After authoring extreme budget, Rossi continues GOP trend of ducking voters

    After taking responsibility for a budget that raises college tuition, cuts preschool and early learning, and creates the biggest property tax increase in state history, Sen. Dino Rossi is refusing to hold an in-person town hall meeting to face his constituents and hear their feedback. By contrast, both of his Democratic seatmates, Rep. Larry Springer and Rep. Roger Goodman, have held in-person town hall meetings.

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  • Reichert Votes Against Accountability For Trump Taxes

    On Tuesday, the House Ways & Means Committee voted on a party line against asking the U.S. Treasury Department to supply President Trump’s full tax returns from 2006 to 2015, plus additional information regarding his financial involvement in debt held by foreign interests. Republican Congressman Dave Reichert of Washington’s 8th Congressional District was among those who voted against holding Trump accountable.

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  • Week in Review - 3/25/17

    This Week In Review – Saturday, 3/25/2017

    This week had a big win with our defeat of TrumpCare, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do. Here’s what’s going on:

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  • Facts on the Senate Republican Budget

    The Facts You Need On The Senate Republican Budget

    The Senate Republicans are underfunding nearly every major priority in our state budget.

    Gov. Inslee proposed $1.5 billion more than the Republicans did for K-12 education, the state’s paramount duty. And Inslee proposed investing $220 million in mental health care and fixing Western State Hospital in the next two years, while the Republicans proposed just $95 million. But beyond their failure to fund the state’s top priorities, the Republican budget has a lot of BIG problems…


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  • Week in Review - 3/18/17

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  • RELEASE: Podlodowski on Trumpcare CBO score


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