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2016 Democratic Caucuses FAQ

How do I vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary in 2016?
Washington State Democrats do not use the state-run primary to choose its Presidential nominee. Instead, Democrats who want to have a part in choosing our next president should plan to attend precinct caucuses, which will be held on 10 A.M. on March 26, 2016.
What is a precinct caucus?
Precinct caucuses are local meetings between you and your neighbors. You will have a chance to discuss your opinions on the presidential race, then vote for the presidential nominee. Find out more in our step-by-step guide.
How long will it take?
The meeting should take no longer than 2 hours, and some locations may take less time than that.
Do I need to be a registered Democrat to participate?
Washington state does not officially register voters by party. However, each attendee at the precinct caucuses will be asked to affirm that they consider themself a Democrat as they sign in.
Do I need to be a registered voter to participate?
Anyone who considers themself a Democrat will be allowed to attend precinct caucuses. However, only registered voters or people who will turn 18 between the date of the precinct caucuses and Election Day 2016 will be able to vote for the Democratic nominee for president. Voter registration forms will be available at caucus locations for people who need to register on-site.
Where is my precinct caucus?
The easiest way to find your precinct caucus location is to use our online pre-check system. 
What is caucus pre-check?
If you're planning to attend the caucus, the best thing you can do to prepare is pre-register on our website. Once you've found your voter registration record, you can enter all the information that you'll be asked for at the caucuses, and print out a pre-filled sign in sheet (allowing you to skip the sign-in line!)
I'm trying to pre-register, but I can't find my voter registration.
There are lots of reasons someone might not be able to find their voter registration. If you're worried you might not be registered in the right place, check with your county auditor to make sure they have the correct address. If you're sure your address is accurate, and still can't find yourself, don't worry. The DNC has a tool you can use to find caucus locations by address, and you'll be able to sign-in as normal when you show up at your caucus on March 26th.
What if I can't make it to my precinct caucus at 10:00am on March 26th -- can I still vote?
You must be present at your caucus location at 10:00am on March 26th and submit a sign-in form in order for your vote to be counted. We recommend arriving at your caucus 30 minutes early. The deadline to submit a Surrogate Affidavit Vote (in cases of illness, disability, work schedule, religious observance, or military service) was March 18th at 5:00pm, and has already passed.
What if I have to leave my caucus before it is over?
The reason for caucusing is to participate in a conversation with your neighbors about which candidate represents your precinct best. We recommend you set aside at least 2 hours to fully participate in this process. If you leave after completing and turning in your caucus form, your vote will still be counted -- as long as the form is completed fully and accurately and your voter registration is up-to-date and your registered address is located within that precinct. However, if there is any problem with your form and you are not present to correct it, your vote will be discarded.
Do I have to attend my assigned precinct caucus location, or can I attend a different one?
You must attend the caucus in the precinct where you are registered to vote. You may update your voter registration online at