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How to Caucus

On March 26th, Washington state Democrats will gather together to choose its delegates for the Democratic National Convention and make its preference for the next President of the United States. Here is a step by step guide on what will happen on caucus day.

1.  SIGN IN: If you have pre-registered, you can skip this step.

2.  GATHER: The precinct will gather and the precinct captain will be selected and explain the rules.

3.  TALLY: After your sign-in sheets are completed and assembled, the first tally is counted and announced.

4.  DISCUSS: Caucus goers supporting Presidential candidates can give a quick pitch to undecided voters and try to sway caucusers to their side.

5. SECOND TALLY: A second tally is counted.

6. DELEGATES: Using the results of the second tally, delegates are allotted to each candidate, and each group of caucusgoers choose their delegates.

7. CLOSING: There is discussion of resolutions for the State Convention in June, and the results of the precinct caucus are sent to the state party.