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Support immigrant protection bills!

Thank you for lending your voice to one of our most fundamental values – While Donald Trump and the white supremacists he’s brought into the White House are attacking immigrants across America, Democrats in Washington State need to do everything we can to protect the rights of our immigrant friends and neighbors.

Please call one or more of the members of the House Judiciary Committee and encourage them to pass both immigration protection bills (HB 2097 and 2029) by saying something like:

“Hello, my name is _________. I urge you and the House Judiciary Committee to pass the two immigrant protection bills being considered. With the federal government making threats against our immigrant friends and neighbors, we have to do everything we can to protect them here at home. Thank you.”

Members of the House Judiciary Committee:

Noel Frame        D-Seattle        360-786-7814

Roger Goodman    D-Kirkland        360-786-7878

Paul Graves        R-Fall City        360-786-7876

Larry Haler        R-Richland        360-786-7986

Drew Hansen    D-Bainbridge Island 360-786-7842

Laurie Jinkins    D-Tacoma        360-786-7930

Christine Kilduff    D-University Place    360-786-7958

Steve Kirby        D-Tacoma        360-786-7996

Brad Klippert        R-Kennewick        360-786-7882

Dick Muri        R-Steilacoom        360-786-7890

Tina Orwall        D-Des Moines        360-786-7834

Jay Rodne        R-North Bend        360-786-7852

Matt Shea        R-Spokane Valley    360-786-7984


Thank you for calling! Now, will you take the next step and make a contribution to support statewide organizing efforts? Every dollar will help us fight the Trump administration’s dangerous policies and his cronies here in Washington State. Click here to contribute. Every dollar makes a difference!