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  • Tell Senate leaders to ask for resignation of Senator Honeyford

    On Februrary 26th, at a meeting of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, State Senator Jim Honeyford of Sunnyside said: “The poor are more likely to commit crimes, and colored most likely to be poor.” Later he doubled down on his offensive language, clarifying “that’s not just the negro.” Not only is this language incredibly offensive, it’s spreading the worst stereotypes about people of color.And here’s the irony: People of color make up the majority of Jim Honeyford’s district. Republican leaders have been silent on the issue. Sign our petition and tell Republican Majority Leader Mark Schoesler and State Senate leadership that they need to ask Jim Honeyford to step down.

  • Tell Senate Republicans to raise the minimum wage, pass sick and safe leave

    On March 3rd, Democrats in the House passed legislation to raise the minimum wage and provide sick and safe leave! House Bill 1355 increases our state’s minimum wage to $12 per hour, helping struggling families provide for their loved ones and taking us a step forward in building an economy that works for everyone. House Bill 1356 creates paid sick and safe leave, ensuring that if you face a medical emergency, a sick child, or domestic violence, you won't lose your paycheck — or worse, your job. Sign this petition and tell Senate Republicans to pass these bills.

  • Support the Climate Change Accountability Act

    Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the safety of our state. That’s why Governor Inslee wants to hold polluters accountable. His legislation, the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act, is backed by a majority of Democrats in the House and Senate, and a statewide coalition of business, labor, community and health care leaders. The Carbon Pollution Accountability Act will hold our state’s biggest polluters accountable for the carbon they emit. This is a strong step in showing how Washington can be a leader in creating a clean energy economy. Now that Republicans have control of the State Senate, your support is more critical than ever.

  • Co-sign legislation to raise the minimum wage in WA

    We can all agree that if you work hard, you should be able to put food on the table, support your family, and make ends meet. Democrats in Olympia know raising the minimum wage will boost our economy and make it work for everybody. They've introduced legislation, House Bill 1355 and Senate Bill 5285, to raise the state minimum wage to $12 an hour — and they have bipartisan support! Add your name as a citizen co-sponsor of Democratic legislation to raise the minimum wage to $12 in Washington State.

  • Support Governor Inslee's budget

    Governor Inslee has unveiled a bold new budget that fairly reinvests in our state and our middle class. It makes our schools stronger, including the largest investment in early education in state history; takes action to fight climate change and implements a carbon pollution accountability program; restores painful cuts to services, making our kids and communities safer; and makes our tax system more fair, reducing the burden on working Washingtonians who can least afford it and asking the biggest polluters and the most wealthy Washingtonians to pay their fair share. Will you add your name and support Governor Inslee’s bold new reinvestment in our state?

  • Support Governor Inslee's education plan

    Governor Inslee has made education the centerpiece of his budget. His education plan invests $2.3 billion in education, including the largest invement ever in early education and the largest investment in basic education in two decades. The plan reduces class sizes, implements full-day kindergarten statewide, and makes college more affordable. New revenue is essential to funding education. Last year, Republicans in the legislature failed to do what was necessary to fully fund education. Will you sign our petition and support Governor Inslee's bold vision for education?

  • Support President Obama's acton on immigration

    President Obama has offered a ray of hope to immigrant families. Up to 5 million mothers and fathers will be saved from the daily fear that they will be separated from their children. They’ll be able to pursue work legally instead of being victimized by unscrupulous employers. They’ll have a life of dignity, instead of one lived in the shadows. Your support now is critical. Add your name and support President Obama’s immigration action.

  • Support efforts to overturn Hobby Lobby in Washington State

    Three months ago, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision gave a woman’s health care decisions to her boss. Then, Senate Republicans in Washington, D.C., filibustered Patty Murray’s legislation to override the decision. Now, Democrats in the Washington State Senate are fighting to make sure a woman’s rights are preserved here in Washington. They'll introduce a bill to override Hobby Lobby next year and ensure Washington women have access to contraception. Add your name to stand with State Senate Democrats who are working to override Hobby Lobby for Washington women.

  • Commit to vote

    I know you take your responsibility as a voter seriously. Election Day is right around the bend, and this is the time of the year where we need to know whom we can count on. With the low turnout in the Primary, we are facing a real crisis. We need each and every one of you — our strongest supporters — to vote in the general election. Can we count on you to vote this fall?

  • Demand that Dave Reichert debate

    Over the past six years Dave Reichert has done one debate and zero open town halls. He's refused to answer questions publicly or even respond to request for a debate. After opposing equal pay for women, marriage equality, and a fair minimum wage, and after wasting 24 billion taxpayer dollars shutting down the government, is it any wonder he is shying away from the public eye? Join Jason Ritchie and demand that he debate this year!

  • Endorse Gabriel Muñoz for State Senate

    The 15th District in the Lower Yakima Valley is Washington’s only majority Latino district. Jim Honeyford has been its State Senator for 16 years, but he’s lost touch with the people he’s supposed to represent. He’s worked to protect the interests of wealthy corporations. Even though his district is majority Latino, he’s repeatedly voted against The Dream Act and The Real Hope Act. Residents of the 15th District need a public servant who will answer to their needs and be passionate about improving the community. Add your name, and support Gabriel Muñoz for State Senate.


    “This fight is far from over.” That’s what Patty Murray said after Senate Republicans filibustered her anti-Hobby Lobby bill, the Not My Boss’s Business Act. Athough Republicans are determined to block this bill, we aren’t giving up. We’ll keep fighting for a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. Democrats in the House are working on their own bill to overturn Hobby Lobby, but we know John Boehner and House Republicans will do everything they can to keep the bill from getting a vote. Add your name to stand with Patty Murray and Democrats who are working to overturn the Hobby Lobby decision.


    John Boehner and House Republicans are suing the President. Instead of governing, creating jobs, and working to move our country forward, John Boehner and House Republicans are using your tax dollars to score points with the Tea Party. They shut down the government, and they’ve tried to repeal Obamacare countless times. They’ll stop at nothing to take down our President. Enough is enough. We’ve got to fight back. Join us and denounce Boehner’s lawsuit – add your name today.


    Cathy McMorris Rodgers was elected to represent the 5th congressional district. Instead of helping the district with the highest unemployment and public assistance rates in the state, Cathy has spent all her time raising money and campaigning for right wing friends. By voting to cut $3.8 million from the federal food stamp program, it is clear that Cathy McMorris Rodgers is putting the Tea Party agenda ahead of the needs of her district. Eastern Washington deserves a leader who will represent their needs, not John Beohner and his Tea Party friends. Sign our Dump Cathy petition. It's time for Cathy McMorris Rodgers to go. 

  • Endorse Seth Fleetwood for State Senate

    Republican Doug Ericksen is Chair of the State Senate committee focused on the environment. Ericksen is notorious for cozying up to corporate special interests and lobbyists. Many of the lobbyists Ericksen got meals and freebies from represented the oil industry. It might come as no surprise that Ericksen has used his position to push Big Oil’s agenda, even giving climate change deniers a platform to spew their anti-science rhetoric. Seth Fleetwood has been representing the people of Whatcom County for 12 years. Add your name, and support Seth Fleetwood for State Senate.


    Michael Baumgartner has defined himself as one of the most outspoken voices against Democratic values in our State Senate. However, Rich Cowan is challenging Michael Baumgartner and will fight for Democratic values in the State Senate. Rich is a Spokane native who believes that he could do the most good for our state by helping to take back our Senate. We need to make sure Michael Baumgartner doesn’t become the next Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Sign our petition and show your support for Rich Cowan today.


    Last fall, Jan Angel won a State Senate seat in the 26th District thanks to the support of conservative special interests, and now that she’s in office, she hasn’t disappointed them. We need compassionate voices in the State Senate who will fight for the middle class. We need Judy Arbogast. Judy is a community leader, teacher, and a mom, not a career politician. She shares our community’s values and will work to represent all of us. This race is critical for taking back control of the Senate. Sign on as a supporter of Judy Arbogast today. 

  • Endorse Tami Green for State Senate

    We have a great opportunity to unseat one of the most conservative voices in the State Senate. In his one year in office, State Senator Steve O’Ban has led efforts to allow businesses to deny services to gays and lesbians. Our state needs leaders who will move our state forward. Rep. Tami Green has been representing the 28th District for 10 years. She has a strong record of accomplishment in the 28th District, and she is challenging Steve O’Ban for State Senate.

  • Endorse Shari Song for State Senate

    Mark Miloscia decided to help the Republicans keep control in the State Senate. He was once a Democrat, but he is now running as a Republican for Senate in the 30th Legislative District. We need elected officials who stand up and fight for the values we believe in, not shift their principles for political gain. We need elected officials who will work together to pass a transportation package and fully fund our children’s education. We need Shari Song.

  • Support Governor Jay Inslee's plan to fight climate change

    Since the governor released his plan to make Washington the first state to develop a market-based program to limit carbon pollution and to move our state away from coal-fired electricity, he’s been winning praise here at home and across the country. Sign on a supporter.

  • Endorse Irene Bowling for State Senate

    Tim Sheldon of the 35th legislative district was elected as a Democrat. But he gave Republicans control of the State Senate when he and Rodney Tom began voting with them in 2013. Tim and his friends have created gridlock, failing to pass a capital budget or a transportation package. Our state deserves better. Irene Bowling is running for State Senate in the 35th district, and she’ll bring responsible leadership to Olympia.

  • Endorse Matt Isenhower for State Senate

    This year, it's our mission to take back the State Senate majority by electing leaders who share our Democratic values. That’s why we’re proud to support Matt Isenhower for State Senate in the 45th legislative district. Matt’s race against Republican Andy Hill is going to be one of the most hotly contested in the state. The right wing is going to throw everything they have at Matt to protect a member who is in lockstep with their values.

  • Tell WA lawmakers: It's time to raise the minimum wage

    On April 30th, Republicans in the U.S. Senate filibustered raising the minimum wage. Raising the national minimum wage to $10.10 would make a real difference to hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians. Washington’s Democrats in Congress support raising the minimum wage. But we need to send a message to Washington's Republicans, who are in lockstep with the Republican right-wing agenda.

  • Tell Washington's House Republicans you condemn their Yes vote on the Ryan Budget

    Washington's House Republicans - Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Dave Reichert, Jaime Herrera Beutler, and Doc Hastings - toed the party line and voted Yes on the Ryan Budget. With their votes, they voted to end Medicare as we know it, cuts taxes for millionaires by raising taxes on the middle class, and repeal the Affordable Care Act.

  • Stand with Jay Inslee

    Stand with Governor Inslee. Governor Inslee is facing a State Senate that has been hijacked by Senate Republicans and two pretend Democrats. He needs your support as he works to move our state forward.

  • Co-sign our letter to Senator Rodney Tom and Senator Tim Sheldon

    Senators Tom and Sheldon were elected as Democrats, but have teamed up with State Republicans to give them the majority in the State Senate. Rodney Tom was rewarded for his treachery; he was given the position of Senate Majority Leader, the most powerful position in the Senate. Co-sign our letter telling Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon that they are no longer part of the Democratic Party.

  • Tell Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers to support universal background checks

    Join 5th Congressional District Democrats and demand that Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers support background checks for all gun purchases in order to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, gun traffickers, and drug dealers.

  • Sign our petition on gun violence

    At their annual Gala Auction and Dinner, the Washington State Republican Party actually auctioned off an AR-15 style assault rifle. Sign our petition and send the message that Democrats support common-sense steps to reduce gun violence.