From today until the Primary Election on August 7, the Washington State Democrats will release 21 reasons that Washington cannot afford Rob McKenna. Today: the Republican budget coup.

Back in March, Senate Republicans hijacked budget proceedings after months of public deliberation on the budget. At the 11th hour, literally, they passed a budget that cut $74 million from K-12 and higher education funding. McKenna supported this budget, even after pledging to pour billions into education and making promises he knew he couldn’t keep. Though he would later claim he didn’t prefer the cuts, McKenna’s support for slashing education funding gave us a glimpse into the real Rob McKenna.

“In the clearest example that Rob McKenna is making promises he can’t keep on education, McKenna supported massive cuts to our already struggling public education system,” said Benton Strong, communications director for the Washington State Democrats. “Washingtonians need a governor they can count on to stand by his word. Coupled with his attempts to take money from public education and give it to private interests, Rob McKenna’s education priorities are clear, even if McKenna’s rhetoric isn’t.”