5 Years of Trump Campaigning Leaves America More Divided Than Ever

WA GOP Following Trump Down Golden Escalator Into Depths of Racist Rhetoric


SEATTLE — Five years ago today, Donald Trump announced his campaign for president and kicked off an era of bitter, divisive, and racist politics that has consumed the Republican Party at every level of government. After the GOP failed to unite in opposition to Trump and his inflammatory rhetoric in 2016, the Party has completely abandoned any shred of principles and fully embraced Trump’s racist ideology — and the American people are paying the price. Trump’s obsession with stirring up controversy in an attempt to distract from his wanton incompetence has left Americans less safe, less prosperous, and less confident in our very democracy.

Since kicking off his campaign five years ago, Trump has:

Despite the calamitous leadership coming from the White House, the WA GOP has made it clear they are all-in for Trump and have embraced his racist rhetoric:

  1. Every GOP candidate for Governor pledged loyalty to the President
  2. Republican legislators in Olympia backed mass infection, herd immunity plans to respond to the pandemic that would result in the deaths of thousands of Washingtonians – following Trump’s anti-science rhetoric
  3. Washington Republicans failed to condemn Trump’s moves to suppress the guidance of CDC scientists or deny the official coronavirus death statistics
  4. Leading GOP candidate for Governor Tim Eyman compared the killing of Geroge Floyd to Governor Inslee’s actions to keep Washington safe from COVID-19. 
  5. Eyman’s lawyer claimed Eyman was a victim of “lynching.”
  6. Eyman claimed Kitsap county asking him to change his voter pamphlet statement was a “poll tax.”
  7. Washington state GOP chair Caleb Heimlich has refused to condemn Eyman or his lawyer’s comments. 

“It will take a generation to heal the damage Donald Trump and his racist rhetoric have done to our democracy, our reputation in the world, and countless families who have lost loved ones during this pandemic because of his rank incompetence,” said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. “But we’ve known since he kicked off his campaign that Trump was a racist; what we’ve learned in the last five years is that there is no price the WA GOP will refuse to pay to support him and his policies — no amount of death, destruction of our economy, or damage to our values will keep them from standing behind Trump.”