A Week Later WA GOP Won’t Condemn Eyman For Hateful Comments

7 Days Of Silence, Cowardice from WA GOP “Leaders”


SEATTLE — It’s been seven days since Tim Eyman’s reprehensible comments comparing Governor Inslee’s actions to keep our state safe to the policeman who murdered George Floyd were reported by King5. Not a single Washington state Republican has condemned his comments — even Dori Monson said Eyman’s comments were over the line.  

Though we are disappointed, we are not surprised.

This is a party that said nothing about President Trump having law enforcement gas protestors for a photo op. An action rebuked by retired General Jim Mattis and for which America’s current top general apologized for participating in. 

They have issued no words on Trump’s retweet of a smear of George Floyd or his attacks on a Buffalo man who was assaulted by police — suffering a brain injury. 

They are all in for Trump and his political game of propaganda, insults, and distraction. 

Despite their attempts to divide our country during this turning point in our history, Washington Democrats will continue to be focused on real solutions for Washingtonians. 

Washington state Republicans will pay dearly for it at the ballot box this November. 

“We’ve already seen that the GOP has become the party of Trump, with the only relevant plank of their platform is personal loyalty to the president — regardless of any action he takes, even trampling on peaceful protesters’ constitutional rights,” said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. “What we’ve seen in the last week is that the WA GOP are no different — their silence means they are complicit in his offensive rhetoric at a time when our state needs to heal. Washingtonians deserve better.”