New TV Ad By Washington GOP Raises Questions as to Whether GOP Wants Government To Shut Down

Seattle – The Washington State Democratic Party released the following statement from Chair Jaxon Ravens after the Washington State Republican party released a TV ad that injects political poison in the budget process days before a potential government shutdown.

“As negotiations continue on the budget, the state GOP can’t stop their cheap political hackery. While Governor Inslee seeks bipartisan compromise, the state GOP appears to be sabotaging budget negotiations right at the point where a deal is needed. They are undermining their own legislators’ efforts to do as the Governor asked and move to the middle. GOP lawmakers need to speak out and ask the party to stop these ads now.

“On its merits, the ad is absolutely ridiculous. It’s the Governor who’s made key concessions and pushed for bipartisan compromise. The Democrats have filled 77% of the billion dollar gap between the two sides during negotiations, while Republicans have moved only 2%. Even Republicans said that after Governor Inslee compromised on revenue, there was no reason for a government shutdown.

“Knowing their inability and refusal to compromise further, this new ad raises serious questions as to whether Republicans want to shut down the government for political ends. That would be disastrous for the working families of our state.”

From The Start, Inslee Has Worked In Good Faith To Move The Budget Process Forward

The Seattle Times: “Inslee Put The Right Frame Around Budget Negotiations…” On April 29, 2015, The Seattle Times reported, “Gov. Jay Inslee put the right frame around budget negotiations that are the focus of the 30-day special session convening Wednesday in Olympia. The Democrat-led House and Republican-led Senate must ‘start moving toward each other’s position,’ Inslee said last week. That means the left-leaning House budget, which is $1.5 billion more than the Senate, must reduce spending. And the more conservative Senate should move away from it’s ‘no new revenue’ talking point and find the will to raise some taxes.” [Editorial, The Seattle Times, 4/28/15]

Everett Herald: “Helps That, Under The Direction Of Gov. Jay Inslee, House & Senate Leaders Are Meeting Daily With The Governor To Further Negotiations.” On June 3, 2015, The Everett Herald editorialized, “With little to show after one special session, legislators in Olympia have started the second by at least making their latest budget proposals public. And House Democrats and Senate Republicans have shown an understanding of compromise, with the Republicans coming up a bit in spending and Democrats cutting back from the earlier proposals.  It also helps that, under the direction of Gov. Jay Inslee, House and Senate leaders are meeting daily with the governor to further negotiations.” [Editorial, The Everett Herald,6/03/15]

With Deadline Approaching, Inslee Reached Across The Aisle & Offered A Compromise

Seattle Times: “Inslee Opened A Relief Valve By Reaching Across The Aisle & Offering To Compromise.” On June 21, 2015, The Seattle Times editorialized, “On Friday, Gov. Jay Inslee opened a relief valve by reaching across the aisle and offering to compromise. He effectively killed a capital-gains-tax proposal beloved by his fellow Democrats who wanted it for the operating budget.” [Editorial, The Seattle Times, 6/20/15]

The Olympian: Inslee’s Proposed Budget Compromise To Repeal Certain Tax Exemptions “Makes Sense.” On June 24, 2015, The Olympian editorialized, “That’s why a counter-proposal by Gov. Jay Inslee, to consider repealing tax exemptions, makes sense. House Democrats agree and introduced a bill heard Monday in committee that would raise $356 million in the coming biennium.” [Editorial, The Olympian, 6/24/15]

Everett Herald: “More Brinkmanship At Play Than Bipartisanship As Republicans & Democrats In The Legislature Negotiate…But Gov. Jay Inslee Continued His Mediator Role…” On June 22, 2015, The Everett Herald editorialized, “There’s still more brinkmanship at play than bipartisanship as Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature negotiate a state budget deal, but Gov. Jay Inslee continued his mediator role Friday and provided some insight into where the two sides are at.” [Editorial, The Everett Herald, 6/22/15]

Following The Governor’s Proposed Compromised, Republicans Even Said There Was “Absolutely No Reason” For A Shutdown

After Inslee Proposed Budget, Republican Representative Said There Is “Absolutely No Reason Why There’s A Necessity For A Government Shutdown.” Following a proposed compromise offered by Governor Inslee on June 19, 2015, Republican Representative Dan Kristiansen said there is “absolutely no reason why there’s a necessity for a government shutdown.” [Rep. Dan Kristiansen, Republican Media Availability, 6/19/15]

Sen. Schoesler: “We’re Really Glad The Governor & The House Has Taken Carbon Tax, B&O Tax & Capital Gains Tax Off Of The Table & We Can Move Into Final Details Of The Budget.” Following a proposed compromise offered by Governor Inslee on June 19, 2015, Republican Senator Mark Schoesler said, “We’re really glad the governor and the house has taken carbon tax, B&O tax and capital gains tax off of the table and we can move into final details of the budget.” [Sen. Mark Schoesler, Republican Media Availability, 6/19/15]

It Is Time For Senate Republicans To Stop Playing Games & Get Serious

The Olympian: “Our Message Is Blunt: Senate Republicans Need To Budge…” On June 24, 2015, The Olympian editorialized, “And as lawmakers move closer to needing a third special session, our message is blunt: Senate Republicans need to budge on raising taxes. So far, they’ve resisted — and apparently killed — the capital gains tax that would land on a relatively few wealthy Washingtonians while providing a needed infusion of revenue to help pay for public schools and other services.” [Editorial, The Olympian, 6/24/15]

The Olympian: “If Republicans Are Serious About Cutting College Tuition In Light Of All These Budget Constraints, They Need To Move.” On June 24, 2015, The Olympian editorialized, “a fair solution now requires just a bit more money than is yet available. If Republicans are serious about cutting college tuition in light of all these budget constraints, they need to move. It’s time for a deal — not a shutdown.” [Editorial, The Olympian, 6/24/15