Bryant Has Repeatedly Pledged Since Last December He Would Release an Education Plan


Despite Claims That Education is the Primary Reason He’s Running for Governor, Bryant Now Says He May Never Release a Plan


Seattle – Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant promised an education plan by February, and later promised one “in a few weeks” in April, but less than two months before Election Day there is still no plan.


When pressed by the media today if he’ll release his education plan before the election, which he claims is the primary reason he’s running for governor, Bryant meekly replied, “I don’t know, Natalie.”




Read the full exchange Bryant had today with KING 5’s Natalie Brand at Bryant’s press conference as Bryant backpedaled from his obligation to release an education plan.


NATALIE BRAND: Initially we thought we were hearing an education policy speech this week. What changed, why is that postponed, what is going on with your education policy?


BILL BRYANT: I’ve actually been talking to a lot of people about it this week, I’m trying to be very thoughtful and talk to legislators and bring them along and find out what they’re doing. I don’t want to step on a lot of the work that’s already been done. It’s my leadership style to come up with an idea, find data to support it, adjust the idea to the data, and then to build a coalition around it. Right now I’m reaching out to legislators and other education reform people to make sure that we have a solid plan. And I’m very confident that we will during the transition be able to begin working on a plan that can be passed in 2017. It will address equity, it will address ample funding, it will address the issue of uniformity – which I know is getting in the weeds, but which complicates rolling out a plan – and also it’s going to talk about how we need to provide different types of schools to meet the needs of different kids. And that includes kids who don’t want to go on to college. I want to have in this program a reinvention of the last 2 years of high school, so that kids who do not want to go on to college have opportunities to get pre-apprenticeships programs or industry certification… So that the graduate not only with a high school degree, but with a certificate that allows them to go on and get a family wage job. And I was actually talking with educators in Eastern Washington 2 days ago, and I’ll be talking with people throughout this week and we will roll it out when its ready.


BRAND: Is that before the election?


BRYANT: I don’t know, Natalie.


“If this is how un-seriously he takes his top priority, education, I can’t imagine how carelessly Republican Bill Bryant would approach the other issues before the Governor’s office,” said Jaxon Ravens, Washington State Democrats Chair. “In the same press conference where Bryant stated education is the primary reason he’s running for governor, he also admitted he may not release an education plan before the Election. He is an astonishingly unprepared and non-serious candidate for Governor.”


Bryant: “Education Is The Paramount Responsibility Of The State, It Is The Primary Reason Why I’m Running For Governor.” At a press conference in September 2016, Bryant said, “Education is the paramount responsibility of the state, it is the primary reason why I’m running for governor.” [Bill Bryant, Press Conference, 09/21/16]


Bryant Wouldn’t Commit To Releasing An Education Plan Before The Election; Said He Would Begin Working On It During Transition. At a press conference in September 2016, asked if he would be releasing his education plan before the election, Bryant said, “I don’t know.” Earlier at the press event, Bryant said, “I’m very confident that we will during the transition be able to begin working on a plan that can be passed in 2017.” [Bill Bryant, Press Conference, 9/21/16] 


April 2016: Bryant Said He Would Announce An Education Plan “In A Few Weeks.” According to a Daily Sun News article from April 2016, “In a wide-ranging discussion, Bryant, 54, said he is working on a plan to address education, his top priority… He plans to formally announce a plan ‘…in a few weeks,’ and said he is working with legislative and education leaders both in this state and nationwide.” [Daily Sun News, 04/08/16


December 2015: Bryant Said He Would Roll Out His Education Plan In February Or March. In December 2015, KING 5 reported, “Bryant, meanwhile, declined to give his proposal until February or March when he said he plans to roll out his education plan.” [KING 5, 12/17/15]