Seattle – On Wednesday, it was reported that former state Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance is making an announcement on a possible run for Senate against Senator Patty Murray after Labor Day. But if you go to, it appears his website for his nascent senate run is ready to go now.

It looks like the site could use some content! Here at the Washington State Democratic Party, we had a few humble suggestions for former state GOP Chairman Vance to bolster his barren website, free of charge. 

  • Chris Vance: George W. Bush Is “Right On The Issues That Matter To Washington State.” According to the Associated Press, “Chairman Vance says he’s been told by the president and his campaign team that Washington will be targeted. ‘Bush fought hard, very hard, for Washington the first time,’ he says. ‘He told me, ‘We worked hard in this state and lost by a little bit. That doesn’t mean we aren’t coming back.” Vance says Bush is ‘right on the issues that matter to Washington state,’ from national security and the economy to local issues such as the Snake River dams, forestry and salmon restoration.” [Associated Press, 2/13/04
  • Chris Vance Defended George W. Bush’s Plan To Privatize Social Security. In a Washington Republican Party press release, Vance stated: “It is disappointing that Senators Cantwell and Murray would rather play politics than engage in honest dialogue with President Bush about the strengthening of Social Security for future generations. Bringing in their out-of-the-mainstream, out-of-state colleagues can’t change the facts that women are disproportionately dependent on Social Security and that the Social Security system isn’t sustainable unless steps are taken to save it. The President’s plan won’t change for Americans over 55 years old, but will make sure Social Security’s promise is fulfilled for generations to come. Senator Murray couldn’t have said it better when she previously stated: ‘We must save Social Security.’ We agree. So where is your plan?” [Washington Republican Party, Press Release, 3/31/05]
  • Chris Vance Supports Extreme Right Wing Supreme Court Justices like Samuel Alito. According to the Spokesman Review, “The nomination of federal appellate judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court brought measured responses Monday from Northwest senators who wanted to study his record, but more spirited reaction from political party leaders… Washington state Republican Chairman Chris Vance, however, called Alito “an excellent choice,” and called on Cantwell and Murray to put aside politics and support him. ‘Judge Alito has the keen intellect, impartiality, temperament, sound legal judgment and the highest integrity necessary for a U.S. Supreme Court justice,’ Vance said.” [Spokesman Review, 11/1/05]

“Chris Vance will likely tell voters he’s running as a blank slate, much like his website, but the truth is he has a rich history in Republican politics as Washington state’s Karl Rove,” said Jaxon Ravens, Washington State Democrats Chair. “As much as a political consultant like him would like to now that the George Bush brand is damaged beyond repair, he can’t run away from his support of failed Republican policies that would put the middle class and our seniors at risk.”  ###