Farmers can’t depend on Dino to fight for them

U.S. Senate candidate and farmer Clint Didier announced he will no longer accept federal farm subsidies. Although Didier claims he won’t rely on these subsidies any longer, countless Washington farmers depend on this important safety net. In typical fashion, handpicked establishment Republican candidate Dino Rossi has not announced a position on this crucial support for Washington farmers.

“Add the issue of support for farmers to the list of questions Dino is keeping quiet on,” said Sadie Weiner, Deputy Communications Director for the Washington State Democrats. “Agriculture is Washington’s biggest employer, and Washington farmers need these subsidies. Without an answer from Dino Rossi, farmers just can’t depend on Dino to fight for their way of life.”

The Washington Farm Bureau released its list of endorsements on Tuesday. Notably missing was an endorsement for Dino Rossi who received the group’s backing just two years ago in his bid for governor.