GOP To Washington Families: Screw You

Trump and GOP want to terminate health care, let the states go bankrupt, and stop unemployment benefits


SEATTLE — Amid spreading conspiracy theories and unproven health remedies to distract from his chaoticfailed leadership addressing the COVID-19 health crisis — which has caused Great Depression-level unemployment — Donald Trump let slip a new policy idea yesterday, ending enhanced unemployment benefits for workers affected by the coronavirus.

So, just to review, the current Trump-GOP platform Washington Republicans plan on running on this fall includes:

The only question remaining before November is whether Washington Republicans join Democrats in speaking out for Washington families or continue falling in line with Trump’s chaotic, failed leadership.

“To every Washington Republican running on Trump’s dangerous, anti-worker, economy destroying platform this November, we say: Good luck with that,” said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. “To every Washingtonian, we Democrats say: we won’t stand for this. We will protect your health care, rebuild our economy, allow you to vote safely, and never put politics over your family’s well-being.”