ICYMI: Culp Compares Himself to Rosa Parks, Enforcement Of Gun Safety To Nazis

Not Even Week Into His Candidacy, Culp is Throwing Around Nazi Comparisons


SEATTLE — Less than a week into his candidacy as the Washington state Republicans’ nominee for governor, Loren Culp is already proving he’s dangerously out of touch with reality. Without anything useful to offer on the critical issues Washingtonians are facing in their daily lives as the Trump administration’s continued incompetence prolongs the pandemic, Culp resorted to the tried-and-true Republican campaign strategy of comparing anything useful Democrats try to do to help improve people’s lives to the Nazis.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, Culp said:

Culp compared refusals to enforce what he views as unjust gun laws to civil rights leader Rosa Parks’ famous 1955 refusal to give up her seat on a bus to a white man.

He also compared police unquestioningly enforcing gun laws to police and military officials in Nazi Germany who “arrested Jews and put them in concentration camps because it was the law.”

But that’s not all, in less than a week as the GOP nominee for Governor Culp has:

  • Declared himself not just anti-mask, but against health guidelines:
    • Argued masks aren’t necessary because, “I have been meeting and greeting people, handshakes, hugs, talking to thousands of people every day for the last, what, three or four months? If anybody is going to catch COVID it would be me, right?” 
    • Said opposing wearing masks and other health guidelines aren’t “reckless” and would follow the lead of Trump, Florida and other southern states by reopening too quickly.
  • Is all in on Trump
  • Attacked Vote by Mail

“Loren Culp clearly doesn’t understand the history of the country he claims to love — by pushing the racist politics of “law & order” he’s siding with the Bull Connors of our history, not those causing good trouble to further the cause of civil rights,” said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. “He might be willing to risk his personal health by not masking up, but for the sake of his campaign’s survival his consultants should consider muzzling their candidate.”