Indefensible: Eyman Compares Governor Inslee To The Policeman Who Murdered George Floyd

In Video, Eyman Compares Cop Who Murdered George Floyd To Governor Inslee’s Actions To Keep Us Safe During COVID-19


SEATTLE — Last night, KING5 reported Tim Eyman’s heinous and indefensible comments comparing the actions of the policeman who murdered George Floyd to Governor Inslee’s actions to keep us safe during COVID. Actions that have been praised by health experts as having saved “countless lives.”  

It’s important to note Eyman is the top polling candidate for Washington Republicans in the most recent public polling of this year’s gubernatorial contest. He has previously opposed bipartisan legislation making it easier to prosecute law enforcement for negligent shootings.  

Mr. Eyman’s comments dishonor George Floyd’s memory and what Americans all across our country are protesting. They are repugnant and indefensible. 

He responded to press inquiries with a ranting, unhinged 21-minute speech where he never apologized, doubled down on his attacks, played the victim, and demonized the “media” — somehow reaching a new low even for him. His campaign even endorsed this post: 

Washington Republicans owe Washingtonians answers. Words of empathy. Words of outrage in response to Eyman’s comments and the death of George Floyd.  

A man lost his life. A daughter lost her father. A brother lost his best friend. Where are they? Do they even care? 


ANCHOR: Chris Daniels, King 5. If you can hang with us for a second, there’s something I would like you to hear and respond to. candidate for governor, Tim reacted to George Floyd’s death over the weekend, he protested on his Facebook page, he made a disturbing comparison, we are going to playback part of that clip. here is part of it.

EYMAN: It’s agonizing to sit through because you are watching something that you should never have to see, where after five minutes of it, it’s three more minutes when the guy wasn’t even moving anymore and they kept their knee on the back of the neck and I can’t help but look at that same situation and not visualizing Jay Inslee with his knee on the back of the necks of 7 million people in the state of Washington. I take that back, only the people that Jay Inslee says are not essential, does he have his knee on the back of their necks, he’s saying private businesses, small businesses, all of you, I’m going to put my knee on the back of your neck and I’m going to hold you down. That is exactly what’s going on right now.

ANCHOR: Chris, you have covered politics for a long time, and you have covered Tim Eyman for a long time, what do you make of what he said?

DANIELS: where do you start? That is an indefensible statement just on the surface and I would be interested to hear what the Washington state Republican party has to say about that particular statement. he has been an Independent as you know. He is a first-time candidate running for governor, he is also leading the polling in our election, of any declared Republicans running against Jay Inslee, but given the time of that particular statement, given the language of that particular statement, I don’t see how anybody can defend what we just heard from Tim Eyman.