Loren Culp Opposes “Miniscule Things” Like Human Rights and the Law

Culp, Renowned for Disrespecting the Rule of Law, Attacks Wildly Successful AG

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | August 21, 2020  

SEATTLE — On Wednesday, during his “show” where he consistently spread mistruths and fiction, Loren Culp attacked Attorney General Ferguson for his “minuscule” lawsuits on behalf of Washington state. Now, we know Loren has already faced criticism for his mishandling of a sexual assault investigation and has trouble following the law, so we made a quick list for him of the “minuscule things” Attorney General Ferguson has protecting Washington from:

  • Travel Ban(s)
  • The Postal Service
  • Environment and Anti-pollution Protections
  • Student and Loan Borrow Rights
  • Census
  • Net Neutrality
  • DACA and Family Separation
  • Gun Safety
  • Women’s Health Care and Contraception Access
  • Public Lands
  • Health Care
  • Transgender Military Ban

Look we get it, Loren Culp might not take his campaign seriously — he is on vacation against Republic Police Department Policy, after all — but standing up for basic human rights isn’t a “teeny thing.”

And it’s not just his reckless rhetoric that’s trivializing the important issues facing Washingtonians, his actions show he’s not prepared to govern: he won’t wear a mask, he’s been condemned by Jewish and Black leaders for startling Nazi and Rosa Parks comments but refused to apologize, and pushed to send children back to schools without masks. He’s reckless and irresponsible at a time when Washington state needs strong, steady leadership. 

Full comments below at the 37:18 mark: 

Chris Gergen: “God knows, we need to get rid of Bob Ferguson yes?”

Loren Culp: “Absolutely, yes. Somebody that’s sued the federal government like sixty seven times in just a year. Take care of the citizens of Washington state. And their concerns right? Not worrying about what’s going on, these minuscule lawsuits that he’s got about minuscule things, it’s ridiculous. He’s just like a gnat that won’t go away. And his job is to take care of the citizens of Washington state, and not worry about every little, bitty, teeny thing because of political reasons.”